PS2 Arcade Sticks

Would anyone happen to have either Tekken 5 stick or the Hori Fighting Stick 2 and willing to sell? Either those or one with a layout of:

joystick (sphere handle) L1-square-triangle-R1

If so please name your price.

im not trashing your thread im just strongly advising that you dont get a hori fighting stick two. the joystick is beyond terrible and so are the buttons. it also breaks very easily. stick with a t5 stick so you can possibly mod it if you decide to takes games seriously or just happen to have the funds to mod it. even modded fighting sticks (which are very, very difficult to mod as compared to other sticks) arent that great. now if you dont have the money for a custom but want an upgrade from a t5, buy a hori real arcade pro aka HRAP.

I have 2 Tekken 5 sticks that aree ready for modding. Everything is already desoldered and has the sticker art removed. Also spray painted the plate with special paint. One has a Seimitsu joystick mounted onto it with the other doesn’t have anything mounted to it yet.

HRAP > Both of those sticks.

I modded this HFS2 the other week. I only modded it to have 6 action buttons though. It’s all new Sanwa parts. I just modded it for fun. Also, there is a plexi layer over top and custom artwork underneath. If you’re interested let me know. I can take some other pictures for you if need be.

Here is just the one I took for someone who had asked to see a HFS2 mod.


i’m interested in seeing the pix too.

Wow, that thing is badass. o_o