PS2 arcana heart fightstick wont work?

So I have a ps2 - gamecube controller adapter but my arcana heart fightstick doesn’t work with tatsunoko vs capcom and i’m thinking its due to the crappiness of my controller adapter. So i’ve asked around on another forum and someone told me about Mayflash controller adapters but I dont know which is better between the 2 i’ve found -



Does anyone use these or know if it’ll make my ps2 fightstick work with tatsunoko vs capcom, i’d really appreciate the help guys???

PS2 to GameCube/Wii

Cube JoyBox Pro by Mayflash: These are the most commonly recommended converters for GC. They work with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on Wii.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, HRAP 1, HRAP 2/SA, MAS, Namco PS1, Tekken 5, SFAC 3.5V, SFAC Controller
Incompatible with:

Magic Path II by EMS: These apparently work equally as well as the Cube JoyBox. They’re also reported to work fine with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, HRAP
Incompatible with:

Game Elements (eBay): This is the converter I’ve happily used for years. It works great on the GameCube/Wii as well as the Xbox. ArcadeStickMonk used it as well.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, SFAC 3.5V, HRAP 2 SA, MAS
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital (works on Xbox) SFAC 8V, Tekken 5 (Works on Xbox), SFAC Controller

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Thank you hack sparrow, so joybox then.

i use a ps2 arcana heart 2 Joystick and its fine with my cube joybox pro

I’m using a HRAP1… and it’s not working with the Cube Joybox Pro. All I have done to it is switched the buttons from Hori to Sanwa. Is something funny going on here?

I predict royal flush will be responding any minute now…

Is his stick an HRAP1? Or is it a modified Tekken 5 stick?

a tekken 5 I believe