PS2 Art of Fighting Collection on the way

Source: The Magic Box.

Nifty. The AoF games were never fantastic, but they did introduce a number of important engine elements (throw softening, DM and SDMs, chi meter, etc). Plus AoF3 is probably the pinnacle of Neo-Geo animation next to Garou.

Yes but what is gonna piss me off even more is if this collection is as poor a port as the Last Blade series.

I can just play perfect ports on NeoGeo and not have to bother with slowdown like the version of Last Blade 2. I really hope SNKP takes a look at what happened in Last Blade 2-in 1 and correct it in this game and also remake a Last Blade 2-in 1 either correcting the US version or releasing Final Edition for PS2 as a more than perfect port with like new characters and shit…

Make up for what you gave us in the shoddy PS2 LB2 port…:annoy:

Looks over at his copy of DC Last Blade 2 and smiles

But yeah…aside from AoF3 the other two games should NOT have slowdown. And hopefully Young Geese will be playable in AoF2…

  • stares at his copy of KoF 99 Dream Match and looks puzzled, but smiles. *

The 3D aspect is quite the slow down for the original games. I found that adding to the original ports was cumbersome and ruins the essence of the games themselves. Yet, in opposition, ehancements did wonders for the game’s audio tracks. I can belch for KoF '03 and '98

Possible options to turn the game into a decent port such as the ability to play both versions, tweaked and not tweaked, of the game would be beneficial for both parties.

AoF 3 was visually brilliant and the series did do what has being said previously. Probably an alright answer to Capcom’s III series.

That game was the first KoF I ever owned, so I’m biased towards it. The 3-D backgrounds aren’t that hot (KoF Evolution had MUCH better), but it was a nice first step. And the roster is my 2nd favourite behind 2001 (yes, that’s right).

Man I want AOF4 to be made


i’m looking forward to art of fighting 2.

I played the original art of fighting back in 5th grade and it sure brings back memories even tho the game is crap. mr. bigs taunt is classic

I remember the US division of SNK held this contest to find the SDM command in AoF1 (the game told you all the commands except for the SDM). I actually figured it out accidentally but the contest was over by then… yeah AoF pioneered a LOT of staple fighting game concepts, the gameplay was always pretty clunky though.

This was Ryo and Robert’s Ranbu, right? 'Cause they had the Haoh - Shoko - Ken as well, but that just required full chi bar.

It’s funny thinking back and realizing that even though the games weren’t that great, AoF is a very important series in fighting game history. I would argue moreso than World Heroes, definitely.

Ugh…Art of Fighting 2. I like it, I just can’t PLAY it. Fucking reactive cpu is evil.

Pbbbttt…Tight, but it’s all about the World Heroes Collection! ;p

Perfect is the best version of World Heroes collection…when they release that for those that dont know I will release the infinite combos in the World Heroes 2 collection…

they better add Dragon and Ryoko to NGBC2…

AOF 2 Geese was the best boss of the AOF series…

NeoWave obviously took like EVERYTHING from him including stage for those that didnt know.

Wyler is not a good idea for a boss IMO…but the graphics and play of AOF3 are pretty good for the ole NeoGeo…

Lets hope for AOF4:“Mark of the Tiger!” MOTT…lol

AOF 3 came before NG.

the stage music of the 1st stage of Art Of Fighting is worht it

yet again, the stage theme is available in Capcom vs SNK 1

The reactive AI is worse than MK’s in most respects. There’s some seriously dumb shit you can make the CPU do.

As long as they don’t fuck up this port and add some fucking unlockables it won’t get looked at for 5 minutes like LB Collection did.

I hope the AOF 3 Port on the disc will be good … I loved to play the game back in the days were FF3 and SFA2 were the games in my area …^^

I would only care about this if

a) The port is not shitty as the Last Blade one (which was simply shitty emulation, not actually a port)


b) They have the AOF3 extras from the NeoCD version (more animations, more cut-scenes and so on).

AOF3 is the only playable one of the bunch.

If anything, I’m surprised that SNK never expanded on AOF3’s premise…which was a 2-D fighter that played like a 3-D one and looked fucking fantastic.

My take is that it probably wasnt popular enough to warrant SNK expanding on it…they just molded it into a part of the KOF storyline…but they could do a 4 in the future ala MOTW…

Oh yeah I forgot :looney: