PS2 Art of Fighting Collection on the way

Sure, but I’d be even happier if they released Legacy of Might first (providing it’s finished someday of course…)

Same here…but then…

looks over at worn out Dreamcast system that crashes like mad and cries…

Since its been so long for Legacy of Might they are gonna have to remake/update it on the Naomi boards…give us MOTW fans a treat with flashier graphics…

Keep that storyline going or something…

Yeah LOM sounds excellent…

Nah man, my DC is still in tip - top shape. Or at least it better be, as Rajirugi and Under Defeat will be arriving by the end of the month!

sweet a bunch of crappy fighting games collection


AOFC:sounds like a good idea to play AO3 for the first time

It’s not like the DC port of LB2 is any good either. :confused: :wonder:

but out of the “mainstream” console releases, DC >>>> PS2 version, right?

Not including Neo-Geo release, and emulation, DC is the best way to play LB2.

Hell yeah…even a fool could see the DC version is better than the PS2 version…seriously…the pS2 version is utter abomination…filth…

that’s right LB1-2 for ps2 sucks. I just played the game the other day and I can tell you this is the perfect example why I hate ports.
The graphics don’t look the same, it’s like the backgrounds are made from a way different than the characters. The Characters’ graphics and the background’s graphics don’t look alike. They don’t look like an equal image. The kof 2000 and the ps1 kof 97 ports suffer from the same problem…And yes I notice I little bit of slowdown.

AOF3 is decent, but I don’t think it’s even worth $20 :confused:

AOF: Collection Cover-art released

This import is so mine. Can’t wait for 2p battles in all 3 games.

Just wish they released a limited AOF themed Neo Geo PS2 stick with this…

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that AOF1 is the worst game of all fucking time. SF2 is LEAGUES beyond AOF1, they can’t even be compared.

Never got to play 2 or 3.

Carry on.

the cover looks nice, i hope there is a poster of that

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that AOF1 is the best game of all fucking time. SF2 is LEAGUES behind AOF1, they can’t even be compared.

Couldn’t play enough of 2 or 3.


P.S. AOF’s designer is the same guy that did the first SF2, only didn’t have to put up with Capcom’s restrictions and embraced SNK’s creativity and openness. :arazz:

P.P.S. And please, do carry on. :wink:

Your point being? It’s still a crappy game.

gigantic sprites

No point in that post really, just simply reacting in text to what I read.

However, to add to discussion, play these games in friendly 2p matches and I’m sure you would like them more than you do now.

Unfortunately most experiences of people who don’t like the series go something like this:

They play and say,

''Where are the combos? This game sucks!..

Why does my fireball(specials) get weak if I keep doing it? This game sucks!

What the hell is this spirit meter? This game sucks!

Why the hell is my fourth button a taunt?! This game SUCKS!

What the FAK!!!, Why do I keep losing!!! This series SUCKS!!!"

They play the game for 5 minutes, and hate it for life.

Watch how many replies say “played extensively and still the game sucks”.

Yeah, well if you played it that much, you should have learned how to play in the respective engine and if you learned how to play, there is no way you could not enjoy the games.

The worst thing you can do to make sure you hate this series is to compare it to other games. Especially modern/recent fighting games.

By default, by simply adding limited ability to use full power specials, and having to charge up your spirit meter to do full power specials and DMs, and the fact that taunts ate your opponent’s spirit meter, give these games significant depth.

Now add the basic things in fighting games, like strats and you have more depth right there.

And the fact, at that time, AOF introduced to fighting games everything from Dash, DMs, Zooming, to back dash, throw reviwal, huge fireballs, actual adventure single player, taunts, visible damage on the sprites. The first fucking crossup move, (like Iori’s air f+low kick). My personal favorite were the off the wall specials.

Add gorgeous HUGE sprites and 2D graphics, tons of personality and charm complimented with a top soundtrack and you have a classic series.

Just ask the ones who play the games.

errr. is it just me, or does it seem like capcom / snk either are

responding to the trend of downloading all these games for dreamcast (darkstalkers collection, power stone collection, sf anniversary, all these kof double packs and everything else NGP has put out…)


milking all their old games to vets to give their 2D department one last hurrah!