PS2 cable in TE cord compartment

I’m considering putting an MC Cthulhu into my Tournament Fightstick with PS2 compatibility, but I wanted to know would a typical 6ft PS2 extension plus the bulky controller plug fit inside the TE’s cord compartment considering that it’s not as skinny as a typical USB cable?

The TE’s cable bay can typically only fit one cable at a time.

But yes - it can house a single PS2 cable quite comfortably. Just not at the same time as the USB cable.

I did a dual mod that had both cables in there. Couldn’t fit both at once, but the customer just swapped cables for PS2 and PS3 on the outside and wrapped it up around the edge.

Best to look into doing it with RJ45, and just keep the cables with you. Or make a short USB cable and PS2 cable so that both can fit.