Ps2 connecting it to component /ypbpr?

Hi guys,
Sorry if this seems like a dumbarse question but I’ve hounded the net and cannot find an answer i feel like I’m going out of my friggin mind :sweat:

Ok, so I got my old ps2 out as I just bought a may flash universal arcade stick (it’s not bad actually) and i realise I only had a ps2 to composite leads (red yellow white) and a scart adapter. So either way I can can connect the 3 composite leads directly to my HDTV or I can put them into a small scart adapter and into the scart port on my tv. This is working but my ps2 quality had that blurred look.

Here’s the confusing and annoying part. I am aware that COMPONENT (red green blue) is better than composite and that component for a ps2 is pretty much the same as hdmi. Correct? However my tv does not have a component input (red green blue… white red, these 2 being audio i beleive). However I am aware that the component is YPBPR and my tv does have a single port for this ypbpr but no other component inputs .

I’ve added pics. Very confused. I could just buy a ps2 to hdmi converter for about £12 but I’ve got component cables on the way.

Going to add pics shortly so it’s easier to understand

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Voila. Let me guess…got a Samsung? Best option for good video quality out of a PS2 is component (YPbPr), so looks like you are in luck. Just make sure to set that output in the PS2 system config.

What’s the audio situation look like? Got red/white rca inputs on that TV, or a 3.5mm headphone input? If it’s the latter you’ll need another adapter. Like THIS.

Or perhaps the two 3.5mm inputs are neighbors:

Oh…make sure to have THIS first.

You could get a component-to-HDMI converter. Plug PS2 component cables in and output to HDMI. Plenty of adapters for this out there. Just don’t be a fool and blow $85 or more, when much cheaper adapters for the same output quality exist.

Like this one:

Just make sure you change the video output in the PS2’s video menu to output in component first.

The quality of the video output using one of those Component-to-HDMI converters is solely reliant on the quality of the processing chip inside those boxes. For $20, you ain’t getting state-of-the art, like a Framemeister. :wink:
I did that with my Wii and the result wasn’t great. Switched to component cables and it was better. I say let the TV (or even AVR) do the Analog-to-Digital processing…chances are the processing will be loads better than those lil’ mystery boxes

Guys, the detail yous are going into is great and I totally respect it. Yet I’m still a bit confused.

Its a bush tv btw. Here’s the pics from imgur so we don’t get crossed wires (shameless pun). Fml.

If what the other members are saying is my solution then I’lI read the above posts again and work it out rather than confusing the situation more.

And yes the ps2 to component is on its way

Thanks again.

Looking at the model of TV you have it does have component. But you need a 3.5mm to Component adapter. A lot of TVs that still have component inputs use these adapters nowadays:

I have a newer LG OLED and it has a 3.5mm component input.

Hey Jopamo thanks.

So this little green fella goes into the single input of the ypbpr:

Then I connect the male component leads into those females above. And the other red/white component leads into the red/white composite ? Is that possible because there’s no other coloured input other than the composite red white yellow.

There is a little audio port next to the ypbpr port. So would i need that adapter too?

If so, for the price of component cables, and 2 adapters plus p&p; wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper buying a ps2 to hdmi converter? I only paid a couple of £ for the component leads so don’t mind cutting my losses.

Update :

Other posts came through as i was typing. Thanks Jopamo for pics it’s cleared a lot of things up.

Is the component audio ok to plug into the composite on back of my tv?

The 3.5mm port next to the component is for headphones, hence audio out. You don’t want that.
Check your TV’s manual if video and audio inputs can be toggled/mixed. The red and white rca might be the easiest bet, but might be tied to the yellow rca-in. Also, PC Audio might be only tied to another input (like the VGA).

If both or either of the audio inputs are not linked to a specificvideo input and can be linked to the component video input in the TV’s menu system, then you are golden.

Thanks, I don’t have the manual as i bought it a few yrs ago but I found it online and looking at the section it looks like the video and audio can be separated. I think.

I might just buy the adapter below as it’s cheap enough and hopefully I can connect the audio to the section you outlined.

Hopefully it’s all I need thanks

Yup. From the looks of it (TV manual), PC Audio is tied to VGA. However, the Red and White audio input can be tied to either component or composite video inputs. All you need is the component adapter that I linked to earlier (or another like it from another retailer).

Now remember to set video output to component instead of rgb in the PS2 sys config menu. If you have no video when everything is connected…then just follow the steps in THIS link.

Good luck!

Thanks man, that link may come in handy. I’ve seen the ps2 component setup before but didn’t realise there could be manual steps like that to troubleshoot.

The ebay link I posted on here for the adapter you’ll notice on their ebay pic they’ve put ‘ycbcr’ :

Yet the one underneath states both ypbpr and ycbcr :

Should i just go for the cheaper of the cables although googling there is a difference between between the two types. Or is the first ebay link misleading etc…

YCbCr= digital component
YPbPr= analog component
In the end, either adapter should work. The PS2-to-TV feed will be analog (based on the cables you purchased), but the PS2 doesn’t discriminate. Take a look:

Why not just run RGB SCART? Have you tried that route yet? What did you mean when you said in the OP that you had a SCART adapter?

I’m sure @Darksakul could drop his $0.02 on this too.

Here’re a few high quality RGB SCART cable sources:

For PS2, YPbPr>RGB SCART (for progressive output games),
though RGB SCART>YPbPr (for interlaced output games)

Feargus, This ^ is the scart adapter thing I was talking about. Its basically my ps2 composite wires but go into a scart plug. I’ve actually got a scart input AND a red white yellow on the back of my tv. I could’ve plugged the ps2 wire into either one. I just know (ive read) that component or a ps2-to-hdmi converter would be a better choice.

See? This is why I only mess with the Sega Dreamcast. 480p via VGA for most games (and all of the ones I own)!

Then we get this awesome shit like THIS from Turkey!

Yep that will give you a terrible image quality. :disappointed:

I think you will be very impressed with the picture quality if you run the PS2 to your TV’s SCART input port via a true RGB SCART cable, like the ones I linked to you.

Converting signals like this properly doesn’t require expensive, state-of-the-art tech. Thats why there are so many inexpensive boxes out there with excellent reviews.

I know it’s not the same as component but, i have an SVideo-to-HDMI converter i use for my Sega Saturn for example. Only cost about $20 as well. Works great in converting the S-Video signal to output through HDMI. Which looks great and much better than my Saturn did with normal composite.

You were probably using a composite-to-HDMI converter for Wii then. Ofcourse composite won’t look as good as component on an HDTV.