Ps2 Controller Adapters to put in pc Help?

Yo Guys i Recently bought a USB Ps2 Adapter —

And I was just wondering if you guys have this adapter… Do you think its good because i think its ok but delays a little … so just incase it aint the adapter thats why ime asking cos then i know whether to get a new ps2 pad or not because it could be that…

I have daul shock 2 sony official ps2 pad … at the moment :wgrin:

Thanks if you help and Thanks for Reading :D.

I have that one

Im not sure if its just my computer but it doesn’t register multiple presses at once,

especially with 2 players at once

I got 2 of those off EBay. I don’t play fighting games with them but I’ve used both of them for 4-player games like Dungeons & Dragons and no one noticed any lag. Granted those games don’t require the execution and timing of fighting games but D&D does require fireball motions and I’ve never had any problems pulling them off. I don’t know about multiple buttons presses though…

If it lags with the official Sony pads then any 3rd party pad would just produce even more lag if anything. You would probably be better of getting 2 single player adapters instead of new pads. Try these:

Both are reputable here for working perfectly with no lag whatsoever. If you like the first one I got two brand new I’ll sell you. :wgrin:

get the pelican one
i just got one :]
but thats for ps3

i hear that radio shack one is good

If you get the Radioshack one make sure you get the one in the link and not the one sold in stores (which looks like an extension cord) because that one will definately lag and not respond to multiple button presses. But I hear some people find the DreamGear one in stores so if you do then go for it.

lol kk Thanks Guys :D… Loadz of my friends have the adapter i have and said it works great for them… Which is true , offline its great … Online little delays but maybe thats cos i forget to set the Setdelay 1 stuff lool :smiley:

Also… Mine can do multiple presses and stuff… especially to call out my special partners on MVC lool no problem there… Its when i need to do a very fast hadouken and it dont come out… Maybe its cos the Sony ps2 d-pad is a little tricky for that stuff :smiley:

Contrller Pad I Bought

Thats the controller i bought and now the adapter works perfect, no delay or lag or anything , defiently one of the best adapters + Controllers out there :wgrin: … so if ur gonna get this adapter get the pad also too cos it makes fighting game motions a lot quicker :smiley: