PS2 controller repair?

Weird behavior from a PS2 controller, and the internet at large is no help.

D-pad and analog sticks seem to work fine. Square button works, other face buttons (X, Triangle, O) don’t seem to.

Pulled it apart, didn’t find anything obviously wrong, cleaned contacts, put it back together, no change. Any experienced folks want to weigh in?

You cleaned the contacts, and found nothing unusual with the PCB?
its either the PCb or the rubber domes on the contacts.

How did you clean the contacts?

I just swiped some rubbing alchohol over the plastic ‘PCB’. I rinsed off the rubber too, but didn’t give it any serious attention. I didn’t see anything that looked obviously broken on the PCB, but it’s entirely possible something is, I wasn’t that thorough.

Well there not much else I can help you with.