PS2 Controller to PC help! (with pictures)

I recently purchased a copy of SSF4AE on Steam for PC.
I want to use my old PS2 dualshock 2 controllers for it and I’m having problems connecting it.
I have a PS2 controller to USB adapter.

The game recognises keyboard 1 and 2 and ‘Twin USB Joystick’.
But all the buttons appear as ‘none’ and I cannot config them. Also, I cant seem to be able to use my controller in the menu or when fighting. The only thing the game responds to is my keyboard.

How do I get the game to switch to the controller instead of sticking with the keyboard?


while i don’t own the game for PC, this is basically what i have to do to play the PC version of Guilty Gear because i get the similar issue of the game not recognizing any of my pad’s buttons, but it picking up keyboard.

what you want to do is download the program “JoyToKey” which basically converts joystick inputs into keyboard inputs and it’s also able to do the same with mouse inputs. with JoyTokey assign your pad’s buttons to keys on the keyboard; then go in game and just assign the keys you set with JoyToKey to correspond with the buttons you want your pad to do in game.

like i said i don’t own the game and i don’t know if this works, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

Thanks smashfury, I spent a while earlier looking for drivers to do this and this is very informative.
I actually ended up solving my problem.
I unplugged my keyboard, replugged it. Restarted the computer. afterwards when the game asks for the input for light punch for example, i tapped the x button on my controller and it put it down as button 6 or 7 or whatever. I was really relieved at this point that it had started to detect it.
After configuring the buttons for the controllers, i returned to the menu. Finally i could navigate the menu with my controllers and also the game itself.
time for some sick online play!

glad to hear you got your problem worked out, have fun.