PS2--->DC Converter for SFAE?

I apologize, but the search function bugs out for me at school.

I’ve got a SFAE joystick. I was interested in modding it with HAPP parts, since I play mvc2. Everything seemed fine in my head, until I remembered something. It’s the joystick with the split ps2/xbox cord. I recall attempting to use a friend’s converter (PS2 to Dreamcast) which failed miserably (I think the stick was pushing up the whole time).

Now, I need to know if it was just the converter we used (no info about it availible now, sorry), or is it due to splits that mess up converters (if they exist :lol:)? And, being a SFAE stick, if I do acquire a working ps2 to dc converter that works, will I be able to have L and R in the plausible spots for playing (since the R1/R2 and L1/L2 are above/below eachother).

I’m asking because I was about to purchase a MAS stick with a PS2 cord, then just get a ps2->dc converter, but realized it would be about a quarter or third of the price just to work on my current SFAE joystick a little bit, since I’m not big evo-goer or anything :lol:

Any specific names for converters that would work or other solutions would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Most sticks that support multiple consoles don’t work with converters very well, AFAIR.

Just buy a dc stick, make sure u get the agetec one. Those are the best for marvel. Go to the trading outlet and post on there that you want to buy one and most of the time some one will send you a pm. You can also check ebay.

what I would recommend you do is replace the PCB along with the buttons in your AE stick. You can get a hacked PCB for like 30 bucks, and you can set it up to work with any converter you want. Dual Shock PCBs work (for the most part) perfectly with almost every converter, so long as you have your buttons set up right.

For marvel, I’d put L1 and R1 on the right side if you want to use a DC converter.

what converter did you use?

I have two different PS2 > DC converters that I use with my HRAPs. I do not have any issues or lag. One is made by EMS and the other is Super Converter 3 in 1.