PS2 > DC converter

Need a PS2 to DC converter badly for my MAS stick , so if any one is selling one i’ll buy it …:bgrin:

It would be a good idea to add WTB to the Title, :wink:

been to that site, just wondering if any one here at srk might sell one

You can also buy one off ebay brand new.

man i’ve had no luck searching ebay :shake:,

As said before, no one will come in here unless you put “WTB” or “LTB” otherwise it looks like you have one for SALE.

where do i add to the title?

I’ve got one I may consider selling. A word of warning though. I bought the TCP for my MAS stick that I purchased last month. Could not get it to work with the MAS period. A few others have mentioned the same issue. So if yours is a rather new MAS you might want to look at other alternatives.

fuck are u serious? so i guess im screwed i just got mine monday, after like 10,000 years :sad::sad::shake::shake::mad:

better change that mas pcb of yours to a playstation one for it work on a TCP or else you’ll never be able to play marvel.

well i have marvel for the ps2…but i wanna play the dc version…