PS2 -> DC converters

So I read in the rules that we can’t bring our own PS2 -> DC gamepad converters because they’ll be available on site. But I’m kind of worried that the available converters won’t have the layout I’m used to. I use a regular PS2 pad and use R1 / R2 instead of, say, L1 / R1, and a L1 / R1 converter would really hurt me. That of course wouldn’t be a problem if I can in fact use my own converter.

Can anyone enlighten me on what’s up with this?

The innovation converters that EVO uses are mapped to R1/R2 for the Trigger buttons. But the Total Control Plus allows R1/R2 and R1/L1 as well, despite the fact that Evo doesn’t use em.

I use a Total Control Plus converter myself, but I’m relieved to hear that the Evo converters use R1/R2 for the Dreamcast triggers. Thanks!