PS2/DC PCB with wires but very small problem

whats goin on peps im going to sale a PCB i bought a while back that was apart of my MAS stick(PS2/DC). It works well the thing is that i was routering the wood where the stick base goes to and i didnt pay much attention to the wireing and it was dangling and just a red wire came off and im not sure where to solder it back to and its going to take me a while to figure out where to put it so im just lazy and willing to sale it on ebay for about $40-$50 i dont have it up yet tho. If interested pm or email me i have pictures but not that clear tho. If your getting ready for evo and you know how to work with all these wires than now is a good time to pick it up unless you want it at evo ill be there to give it to you but you might be late for the tourny if entering. Have a look, on the last pic the lower red wire is the problem. and oh im not selling the buttons or switches. sorry