Ps2 dpad into ps3 pad?


hi, my ps2 dpad is nicely broken in and i want to replace the stiff dpad in my ps3 pad with it, how do i go about doin it??


I don’t know if the rubber contact things are compatible, but if they are identical, you could just swap the rubber part under the dpads.


They’re actually compatible, I’ve changed a couple of them actually
Replacing them is pretty easy, just carefully open the pad up and remove the board
I’m saying carefully because the PS3 pad’s board is larger than the PS2 one and has more removable parts (like the clear plastic part for the controller indicators)
Anyway, underneath the board is the dpad you’re looking for, go ahead and replace that
When closing it up, pay attention to placing the trigger buttons cause they tend to not fit in their original position in one go…
Good luck!


do i replace tht whole dpad or just the rubber contact under it??