Ps2, dreamcast version questions



I wanted to know why people consider the dreamcast and ps2 version of third strike not arcade perfect ? I know the fact that this version are considered not arcade perfect but I never found why.

Is this something in game gameplay related ? Or just graphic and such ?

Thanks in advance for your answer ^^


I think that in the past there were like 500 threads about this
maybe i’m in the wrong place


I’ve searched, but I didn’t find any thread speaking of the " why they’re not arcade perfect ". No offense, but if it’s so simple to you to find the right thread, maybe you could redirect me please ?


There are some gameplay differences, the most obvious being Akuma’s overhead chop is throw-invulnerable on arcade but not console. Speed differences between the versions have long been talked about, but the jury’s out on what causes all the versions to really feel different I think.


So, minor the gameplay differences ( someone to tell me more about them ? ) there’s no real clue about the other differences between these version ?


PS2 is closer to arcade, DC Third Strike is running the revised SFIII board (I don’t know the number) which corrected a number of things, the unblockable setups being the biggest. Although I heard someone hacked the ISO recently and changed the dipswitches to make it more like the original, haven’t tested it though.The PS2 took away the Akuma forw.strong throw invinicibility, which was big for his wakeup game and for kara-demons. There’s some speed differences and timing differences in certain combos (such as the Makoto double fukiage.) The fact that there is 6 frame lag on PS2 also makes it harder for red parrying given they are 1-frame. I’ve read people say the Xbox version is the same as the PS2 only a bit faster. Other than those small differences the PS2 version was considered the best port until cps3emulator and eventually 3SOE.


I have also heard talk of the DC version not only missing unblockables but having deeper problems. Such as slightly different frame data and altered juggle properties. Makes it a no go for DC version as far as practice is concerned.


i’ve never heard anyone quantify PS2 input lag with an actual number until this post. do you have the source on that test?


you hear all kinds of crazy things about DC, anywhere from different frame data to different hitboxes to input lag. the only for sure thing seems to be that no one thinks Dreamcast or Xbox anniversary edition are the way to go.

PS2 feels really fast to a lot of people, what limited tests we’ve done haven’t been able to uncover the reason. if you accept “it feels” as valid though, a lot of people think PS2 is too fast, OE is slightly too fast, FBA is too fast, and MAME who knows because it is dripping in input lag.


just buy a candy cab and a CPSIII :smiley:


Is GGPO rom also not arcade perfect too ?

I now there’s some dreamcast emulator for computer. So there’s a way to play the third strike version on pc ?

Logically, if that’s the case, it must exists a way to alter the roms in order to make it arcade perfect no ?


Dreamcast and PS2 suck, Dreamcast sucks more than PS2. GGPO is arcade, so is Supercade. Play them for the “real” experience.


the arcade rom is arcade perfect. the mame fba ggpo emulation is not


Now that you mention it I don’t think it’s right… but over in the ST forum a guy named Papasi laid out all of the frames of lag for all possible versions of ST, and he said the Anniversary Collection (PS2) ST had 6 frames of lag, so I assumed that 3S would also be the same. I don’t think it’s “6 frames” (in terms of 3S) because this is based off of N.Ryu’s cr.roundhouse which has 3 frame startup; since it takes 4 frames for CPS2 ST to show the animation of cr.roundhouse the CPS2 has 1 frame lag. So consequentially if the PS2 Anniversary edition takes 6 frames for cr.RH to startup the PS2 would have 3 frames, and so on and so forth. So assuming the lag on HSF2 and 3S are the same, then both would have 3 frames of lag before any sort of animation/frames from a move begin. A proper test would need to be conducted directly to PS2 3S but that was my reasoning.

I don’t know how to link directly to posts, but it’s like the 4th or 5th post in this thread: ST on PSN?


I thought all CPS2 stuff was tested and shown to have four frame innate lag on real hardware?

also my guess is that Anniversary Collection ST is running on CPS2 emulator. that’s not necessarily true for 3s. maybe someone knows more. but I don’t think it’s safe to assume that 3s and ST have the same input lag in that collection.


I’m pretty sure it has to do with cr.RH, see the NKI video. There’s 1 frame innate lag on CPS2 ST and that is some kind of monitor issue

I read that the Capcom Classics Collection 2 (which has ST) is the one that actually is just an emulator of it (you can find the ROM file on the disc), and CCC2 is notorious for severe lag. There are some differences between CPS2 HSF2 and PS2 HSF2 (such as claw’s walldive input glitch), so I think it was ported, same way 3S isn’t running of a CPS3 emu. Yeah you’re right about the two not being the same, though it’s certainly a possibility… again a proper test would be needed