PS2 ebay Stick



I just got this off ebay, I am guessing that with a PS2 adaptor to USB it will work, or have I been smoking?

Cheers guys.:tup:


Yeah, it should. It depends what kind of PCB (controller guts) are inside of the stick. Message the seller and ask them what they used. Post back and we’ll be able to give you a better answer.


I’m going to guess there’s a plain ol’ PS1 DualShock plug on it, in which case the adapter should work just fine. :smile:


Cheers Kyle, I will just take it to bits when it arrives and have a look. I guess I could change the stick, gate and buttons easily enough as well?

Thanks again.


Thanks deadfrog as well, fingers crossed, a bargain for 50 then.


What kind of parts are in that and how much did you pay (if you don’t mind me asking)


Apparently they are “arcade quality parts” but I will dismantle it when it arrives and let you know jeenyus1. I paid 50 for it.


For the price, I’d be surprised to see Sanwa or Seimitsu, but either way it sounds like a pretty good deal, you should be able to swap parts in with minimal effort.