PS2 Emulator?

So yeah… 3rd Strike isn’t working with my TE on the BC PS3, and so I guess my only option left is to get an emulator working on the PC.

Yes, I have the disk, so I just need an emulator that will run like a PS2, not emulate the games themselves ( i.e using roms ).

I think this is legal? Since I’m not asking about how to pirate the games themselves. If not, let me know and I’ll edit the thread.

I have already tried Pcsx2t to no avail… perhaps I was configuring it wrong? If anyone has any proper walkthroughs that would be great.

You need PCSX2 emulator, a beefy machine… and your PS2’s BIOS iirc.

Check the FAQ on their site.

you need to rip the bios from a real PS2, also pcsx2 doesnt run consistently as a regular ps2 so you will face hiccups and or lag.

Cool beans, seems like running through trial and error processes with the config menu has gotten it to work, and quite perfectly at that.

Yeah, I have a beasty rig. 8GB’s of DDR3 RAM, 3 TB’s of space, an quad-core i5, etc etc. Third Strike is as smooth as butter, going to try a few other games.



Seconded for GGPO.

Yeah why are you trying to emulate the PS2 version instead of just directly emulating the arcade version? The latter is more reliable and less resource intensive.

Thirding GGPO.

because I don’t own the arcade game.

do I seem like a pirate to you? :wink:

The practice mode is only available in console version too.

Yes you do