-= PS2 Emulator =-

I own a madcatz TE stick for my PS3, works great and all, i wouldn’t change it for the world.

I also own a PS2, which i use for my SF ALPHA ANTHOGY & SF3 THIRD STRIKE collection.

Is there any emulator out there that will allow my usb from my ps3’s TE stick to be used on the playstation 2 or is my only option to simply buy a ps2 joystick??

please let me know

No. Your best option is to replace the TE PCB with a MC Cthulhu. Lots of work and expensive. Look up the Sticky: “Intro/Rules/Tutorials (Read before posting)” thread

i don’t plan on modding my TE stick, i think its better i look under that thread your talking about to find a decent ps2 joystick, thanks

you know for a second there i miss read your topic. i had thought you were looking for a way to run your te on emulators for pc but it seems that you just want it to work on your ps2. on pc i use the sixaxis pc drivers with my custom arcade stick


but then again that’s for playing games on my pc. i dunno if pcx2 is at a playable frame rate or not but it might be worth a try. as for the ps2 thing it’s just like rtdzign said.

You mean an adapter, to use your PS3 stick on PS2, and no there are not any. I looked into this a while back when i wanted to buy a SFIV TE stick but also have PS2 use. There are no PS3 or 360 to PS2 adapters.

So i ended up buying an Arcana Heart 2 Hori Real Arcade Pro, and modifying it with Full Sanwa. Now i have a great PS2 stick that can also be used on current gen consoles(with adapters).