PS2 Fighters and the TE stick, whats the point?

ok, so after getting my TE stick 2 days ago and playing SSFIV for untold ammounts of hours with it and my fightpad with friends and such ive been getting pretty fighting game crazy lately. picked up Tech Romancer yesterday for Dreamcast (HAD TO HAVE IT!!!), and been looking at getting other dreamcast fighters and PS2 fighting games/compilations.

but knowing that the TE stick doesnt even work (and may NEVER work) for PS2 fighters has me wondering if its even worth revisiting old favorites like the KOF series, CAP v SNK 2, Sam Sho, Fatal Fury etc. Theres ALWAYS the possibility that Sony will patch it in at a later date. so should i just plunk money into old favorites now (understanding that ill be relegated to a pad)? or should i just sit on it until im able to make use of my Mad Catz peripherals?

If you really want to use your TE for older fighters, you can use a Multiconsole Cthulhu PCB.

The official Cthulhu/ChImp board thread- MC Firmware 2.0 Released!

thanks brah

No, but you should make a thread about it even though this dumbass question has been answered a thousand times. Just play those games on emulators you twit.

i bought a cheapass mayflash joystik cuz it works with ps2 and ps3
but dont be like me probly cuz its probly a low quality joystick

if you have a 20gb/60gb PS3 & a TE with a ChImp, you’ll be squared away. I use my TE for:PS1/PS2/PS3/Emus/360.