Ps2 fighters on ps3

I purchased a few older fighters for ps2 off amazon and would like to know the best way to play these with my current setup.

I have a ps2 but no ps2 fightstick.
Also have a PS3 (60gig w/ ps2 chipset) and a dual mod TE

I’ve heard things about lag and such on ps3, so should I :

Get a ps2 stick and play on the ps2?
Is there an adapter to use my TE on ps2?
Play on ps3 with TE stick?

Searched and couldn’t find the exact answer I was looking for. Thanks!

if you have a dual mod, then you have a cthulhu right? just wire a ps2 connector to it

360 dual w/chImp

Can’t just wire a PS2 Cable to Cthulhu or ChImp to get PS2 Support.
Only the Multi-Console Cthulhu has that.

Chimp is not MC as far as i know…

What kind of TV are you using? If it’s a standard CRT (fat) TV, and if 2 frames of lag are ok for you, then you should be able to play fighters on your 60GB PS3, and that way you can just use your dual-modded stick. If it’s an HDTV, that opens up a whole new can of worms, but depending on the model of TV, I might be able to help you determine what its inherrent input lag is.

What about the 80gig PS3?

Any PS3 that is compatible with PS2 games has this issue when running PS2 games.

Yeah, it has to do with how the image is processed. Each PS3 will give you a minimum of 2 frames of lag. If you’re on an HDTV, the problem could potentially be exacerbated.

For what it’s worth, 2 frames hardly bugs me, but I would not use it for anything outside casuals.

I specified the 60 gig b/c it’s the only one that doesnt software emulate, it has the actual ps2 chipset inside. It still has the lag issue?

And I play on a 46in sharp aquos lcd, 120hz, 1080p, 4ms response, with hdmi cable

I was wondering the EXACT questions you were. Im glad I found this before I made another thread.

I also have an original 60 gig and was wondering. It seems that in the past my friend couldn’t use the madcatz wireless fight pad on ps2 games, but i haven’t tried my te yet.

I believe that the input lag only comes from the software emulated models, not the original with full backwards compatibility, but someone please correct me if Im wrong.

And, is there a way to use a te on a ps2 without modding?

Super cannot.

so yea, just tried using my te on a ps2 game… does not work.

thought Id let u know nugget

4ms response time has nothing to do with input delay

I know this is a bit off topic, but how good is Street Fighter Alpha 2 on PSN? It’s a PS1 classic. Any lag or shady dealings with the port?

mine does…I found used copies of Alpha Anthology and CvS2, fired them up in the 60 gig ps3 and my stick worked perfect.

deezee989 is right.
The Mad Catz Arcade FightSticks do not work for PlayStation 2 games.

Yours work because you are using a ChImp.

little off topic, but has anyone tried an import ps2 game with a b/c ps3? been wanting to get the japan only darkstalkers anthology but one game isnt enough to get me to buy another system anymore

PS2 region locks are still enforced on PS3, so you’d have to have a Japanese launch PS3 to play it.

is there anyway around this region lock for us ps3 playing jp ps2 games? like a boot loader or magic swap?