PS2 Fighters on the PS3

Hello! Can you recommend a good stick for the PS3 in regards to PS2 games? all my CAP and SNK fighters play fine with a controller but i have been using the Hori fighting stick 3 which is great for like T5 DRO but crap when i try to play the PS2 fighters (simple fireball commands wont work etc…)

Thanks ~

If you’re only going to use it for PS3 go for HRAP3 or VSHG and read some of these threads:

If that fails, and you don’t like any of P4RA’s suggestions (which would be ignorant haha), you could always go the route of modding your current FS3.

Here ya go for a tutorial.

Other than that, do some research in to what P4RA posted. You can always pick up a PS2 stick, and purchase an overpriced Pelican adapter on Ebay.

Rad, Ill be going for the HRAP3, thanks a lot.

though, modding the FS3 sounds cool too maybe ill try that too.

thats weird that they dont work.
i used to have an hfs3 and it worked on my ps3 fine.

Erik, for which games? Thus far, SF zero collection, KOF98, and hokuto no ken wont play properly i.e. command moves dont work with my HFS3. When I play say, T5DR online though,yeah its great. Anyway, the HRAP 3 looks great so hopefully ill be able to scrounge one up soon. And thanks again ya’ll for the great info.

um. mvc2, ggac, sf anniversary, cvs2. it also worked on psx fighters as well.