Ps2 fightstick

:lovin: im getting a ps2 with mvc2 and sf 3rd strike can anyone recomend a good fightstick for the ps2 that wont break in a week.

How much you willing to spend and/or are you good/ok at soldering?

For your information, the PS2 port of Marvel is terrible.

i dont want to spend more than $100

save the money from MvC2, and get lucky to find a HRAPSA for the ps2


Forget PS2 MvC2 and buy a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA (Special Addition) (Sanwa Addition)

If you have soldering skills grab a Hori Tekken 5 stick and change the buttons.

Or spend you money on a Namco Stick (you can probably find one anywhere from $30-$100+ if you search hard enough).

Go buy this case.
Buy a Cthulhu MC here
^While you are there pick up a joystick and some buttons.
Get some wire and some quick disconnects.
A little more than 100$

Are you serious? Did you even read what everyone said to do?

besides these what parts will i need to make it compatible for ps2

Multi-Console Cthulhu alone made whatever it is be PlayStation 2 compatible.

So, what is the Sanwa JLW-TM-8 for?
The Joystick you be using?

If that is, then what is the TP-MA and H5-P for?

Go read the stickies. Seriously.

You need a wire from a PS2 controller, or a PS2 extension cord.

Get rid of the:
JLF TP-MA . That is a replacement PCB for a JLF
H5-P Wiring Harness. That is for a JLF you don’t need that with a JLW

Add a:
PS2 Extension Cable
Soldering Iron

To add to that read (don’t skim) the following.

It will be cheaper to get a PS2 or ps1 pcb since with the cthulhu you will need to solder to get it to work with ps2 anyways, so if you get an old ps1 pad. You will be buying a soldering iron either way.

thank you everyone for the help

True. Pick up a Nuby Street Fighter 15th Anniv. fightpad cheap on ebay. I saw some going 2 for 20$. This is a good pad to start soldering on. It is pretty straight forward. And hey, if you mess it up you still have another. If you mess both up at least you have 2 cords you could use on a cthulu.

Night Raven Arcade offers quality PS2 sticks for 100 dollars, no extra work needed to be done.

Leave me a message or email if you are interested or have any questions.