Ps2 Fightsticks

Hey guys relatively new here and forgive me if this has already been beaten to death.
I was wondering the general opinion of the suggoi arcana heart 2 fightstick.
I’m looking to buy it or another stick to use solely for my ps2/ps1 fighting games.
I’m already aware of modding your current gen system fightsticks to fill this need but i much rather have a seperate stick for the systems. So i was just wondering if anyone who has it thought it was good out of the box also if it will play well with psx games and the like? Again sorry if this topic has been brought up in a previous thread, I tried searching through the archives and it brought up nothing that seemed to be relevant. If there is such a thread please kindly point me in that direction and I will head that way.
Thanks in advance

Namco Stick Appreciation!

get a namco you will not be sorry

It has a JLF, but I think the buttons are stock hori buttons. I don’t remember exactly. You might try asking in tech talk.

thanks for the tip guys made a thread up in tech talk too

Hrap, Hrap 2, anniversary collection stick, tekken 5 stick, tekken 4 stick, old yellow namco stick. Converts to every system used today. Best deals are on the tekken and ann collection sticks, hrap2s are rare now. That and the pause is ever so nicely close to the mp/hp/ppp/kkk