PS2 fried?


A while back, I’ve screwed up my PS2 and didn’t have a place to ask for help. However, since I see that people ask these questions here at SRK, I guess i’ll take a shot as this too.

Last month, I’ve bought a modchip for my V13 PS2. I’ve installed it correctly, and it was working. However, as I was finalizing and closing the top part of the case, I’ve disconnected the reset button from the reset switch. I was curious of how it works so I pressed the disconnected switch against the four points and the PS2 turned on. Note, I did not have the ability to turn off the PS2 since I could not hold it steadily on the contact points for 3 seconds. I instead, pulled the power cord off of the PS2. So, i’ve reconnected the reset switch with solder but then it didnt work. So instead, I decided to order a new reset switch. The new reset switch didnt work either. I’ve tested with a multimeter to see if both reset switches were working, and they both have response to the button being pressed. Now, I dont know what’s wrong with the PS2. I’ve used the multimeter and confirmed that theres power going into the motherboard, but I am not skilled enough to diagnose anything. Are there any fuses I should be aware of?

By “don’t work”, I mean there doesnt seem to be any power going into the reset switch. No lights turn on, nothing works.