Ps2 games on ps3...lag?

on an HDTV if you play say CvS2 on a ps3, will it still lag as much as on a ps2?


supposedly there is always a 3 frame delay when using a ps3 to play ps2 games.

so if i have a HDTV and a SDTV and just a ps3…my best bet is to get a ps2 and plug it into the SDTV…poo

Yes actually. We are lucky that Sony still produces the PS2.

I just tried my PS2 on my Sammy a650 LCD last night and it had no noticable lag when setting the input to “Game Mode” Entertainment setting. It was a little bit laggy before I changed the setting but now it plays great. :slight_smile: The PS2 is connected through component.

Just check to see if your HDTV have a game mode and yeah, you’ll need to get a ps2 if you want no lag

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think any PS2 game played through PS3 will have lag because of the emulation, and even the older PS3s with hardware emulation has it.

Well i do have an older ps3. As i understand it it has the actual emotion chip so it is basically same in hardware as a ps2 (i.e. no emulation) and should not have any lag due to emulation.

Am i mistaken? Would a ps3 with a SDTV have lag? or is the 3 frame delay thing true? 3 frames is 1/20th of a second…

Now maybe the PS3s lag because they natively want to put out at a higher res so they have to “downgrade” the signal to 480…idk

Waiting on my copy of cvs2 then i guess ill just have to start hooking shit up and checking out how it works lol

i hear no matter which ps3 you have, there is still 3 frame delay on it.

Well the 60 and 20 GB’s have Emotion Engine while the 80 GB has Emulation. All others (including newer 80 GB’s) don’t have backward compatibility. Either way, there is input lag. I don’t know if it’s worse on one or the other, but it’s there no matter what. At least that’s what I’ve heard/felt.

I am referring to SDTV’s. If you use a PS3 on an HDTV to play PS2 games, even with all of the “non-HD” settings, there is still going to be lag.

In the end it comes down to your preference. If you can deal with it or can’t even notice it, then you should be fine. For some reason I can notice it, but I have not tried to adjust any settings in order to reduce it (yet).

Here’s a link to a post on explaining the PS3-through-HDMI lag in greater detail, for those who are interested: Click here.

The lag seems related to the PS3’s inability to output to 480i through HDMI, thus forcing it to run a deinterlacing algorithm in order to output to 480p, which results in 2-3 frames of lag on PS2 games that don’t support progressive scan. You may want to try playing your PS2 games in your PS3 via component cables instead of HDMI.

Using the regular composite cables (yellow, red, white) on my 60GB PS3 still results in lag.

Depending on your TV (Samsung’s always seem to lag) you may need to change the TV mode to Game Mode. I haven’t tried this myself though, so I’m not sure.

No matter what. There is always lag. Any way you cut it. ;(

Even with game mode on, the Samsung LCD’s will have at least 30ms lag. Not to mention that the picture controls will be locked.

well, one thing you learn from been an EE major, we don’t live in a perfect world, every electronic you use will have lag, the difference is just how obvious the lag is to the users.

to be true, I think the lag you get when using component connection from PS3 to a LCDTV is worse than using the HDMI connection. how ever, I do not notice bad input lag when I am playing PS3 games connection to a traditional laser TV via component.

long story short, this is my experience from playing fps under different settings
ps2 game on ps3 = lag
up sampling (by either the system or TV) = lag (sometimes the image tears too)
component to LCDTV = lag
using digital switch box to change between source = lag (depends on the switch box)

Look, after a couple of months of playing PS2 fighters on the PS3, then going to tournaments and playing the same games on PS2s you will notice that things happen very smoothly because technically you are doing things quicker than if you did it with the 3 frames lag. At least thats how I like to think of it.

I played Arcana Hearts on PS3 all the time, went to a tournament in Atlanta where they played the game on PS2s and it felt like BUTTER! Everything seemed to be coming out easier and I had no missed inputs or anything.

that’s an interesting way to look at it.

Only real con is timing of parrys in 3rd Strike :lovin:

Component cables don’t create lag that HDMI doesn’t. The ONLY case where you’d REALLY need HDMI over Component is on a 1080p TV, almost none of which do 1080p component. Otherwise component and HDMI carry a 1080i/720p signal the same.

hmmm… interesting. we have three LCDTV in our apartment, they are 19", 24", 40"
the component cable to the 19 inch has some lag, not too badly… but there is a little bit of it
the 24 inch suppose to be 1080i also has lag, but that also might be the westinghouse LCD TV =_=

and to be honest, I never try the component input on the 40" since we always use HDMI cable… I will give it a shot when our xbox360 return from M$ due to the Red ring of death.

If you change the maximum resolution on the PS3 from 1080p to 720p, will this reduce lag?