Ps2 Hokuto No Ken (Arc Sys) input bug on ps3 controller fireball motion

Dear sirs,

I’ve encountered several input bugs in ps2 Hokuto No Ken.
In this game some input commands don’t register correctly.
When playing with Kenshiro at least two moves are flawed.
For instance: down, down-backward, backward + licht punch.
Let me explain what is going on.
In order to do this move you have to:
down, down-backward, backward, SLIGHT PAUSE and then do: licht punch.
Same thing with this move in the air.
And I am no idiot, I’ve been playing fighting games for some time now.
In Training mode it will even show you the commands you input.
So several times when I do down, down-backward, backward + licht punch; Kenshiro will NOT do the move.
Same with the air move. You really have to wait before pressing the light punch. And yes, I do those moves like a twitch. My twitch has never failed me.
This is a major flaw and I am wondering if it is the arcade game or that it has to do with me playing this game on the ps3?
I could make videos. Does anybody even care?

I think this goes for about every move, because the same thing with the fireball move happens. (yes, I know about the first fireball having to have completely disappaited)

Does this bug exist when playing on a ps2?
Does this bug exist when playing on an AW?

It doesn’t just happens occasionally it happens everytime I twitch these moves! And the on the input bar (option in training mode) you can clearly see that the move was entered correctly!

I have HNK and I used to play it and I played Kenshiro. I just tested what you said. It worked perfectly for me. On ground and in the air. I had input on as well and tested it in training mode. Had no issues in battle either. No twitch, I did it in one fluid motion. It’s a PS2 copy also.

It really could be the PS3. I heard something about it a while back. Can’t really remember what exactly. Maybe Septimus or the other HNK players can help you out.

Wow, thanks for the investigation and answer.
PS3 huh? …damn. wtf.

A vid would be very nice. Thx for the info too.

I just tried it on my ps2, no problems at all. Can’t try it on a ps3.


Are you playing it on an HDTV? Could be input lag.

I really should make a video.
And no, it has nothing to do with my hdtv. this has nothing to do with console to tv lag. I know hdtv has lag, but that is different.

Probably just the PS3. If he has the chip inside he should be fine, but if it’s running off updates like the 360 your bound to find some problems. I mean look at 3S on 360, utter trash…

EDIT: Aha! It is because the game is only 480i only, according to this thread apparently.

I have no clue what you just said there. :confused:

PS3 PS2 BC != 360 Xbox BC

Anyway to answer the question regarding HNK, it can be any of these or a combination of these:

  1. input lag from the HDTV
  2. input lag from whatever converter you are using (if you are using a pelican then strike this out)
  3. HNK may not be 480p native, so the forced conversion from 480i to 480p with HDMI causes lag
  4. input lag from the HDTV
  5. input lag from the HDTV

Try disabling some of the upscaling features, that could help, since the PS3 won’t do any post processing.

I don’t think it works from Zshare because my camera outputs some wierd jpg avi or something. But it’ll work on your media player, so please download the file. No, it’s not a virus, please trust me.
This is the counter move I described
So to put this in perspective. I can do dragon punches and fireball motions in twitch movements, very fast and it doesn’t happen every time. Well I would have to concentrate to get this a few times in a row, it has happened. Look I’m not saying I am some kind of genius wonderchild, because I’m not. but as you can see the buttons were pushed. Could it be that the because the game might itself be running at 480i, I get this lag (from my ultra fast responses…)
The HDTV comment is ridiculous, because I am talking about input lag. You guys are referring to output lag. Whole other ball game.
Here is the fireball motion
I have a Japanese BC compatibele (chip) ps3 with the Japanese ps2 hokuto game!
And I am just using the normal official ps3 controller. I have not done anything to the controls or anything like that.
And indeed it looks like you lot should keep the ol’ ps2. I wish I knew somebody with a japanese game capable playing ps2, to test this myself on a ps2. This seems so bizarre.
Anyway thanks for the help so far. Hope you guys like the vids.
Should I sell my ps3 and get a ps2 (only to find out this is a bug in the game)

My system is working fine and so is the game. Is this a flawwed version Japanese people are selling to unsuspecting non-Japanese buyers?

I am not trying to trick you, not a video montage. This only happens if I time it right (very fast) Please help me. I wanted to go to sleep and saw the thread and thought I couldn’t let you guys down so I recorded it. Please let me know what you think/suspect

Going to sleep now In my time zone it’s 23:39. Bye.


Now that is weird. Is is only kenshiro? Or does any other moves/characters get affected by this?

I’ve only been playing Kensiro but it also happens with 236D.
And I suspect it happens with every move for every character. Any specific moves anyone would like me to try for them? preferably any 236 or 214 move? Perhaps a move you do alot and have never encountered any problems with?
Can somebody guarantee me that if this bug would be present running on a ps2, that it would have been found by now?
And anybody know about this ps3 problem?
I’ve got some other games, but no other ps2 fighting games! And I guess a fighting game in training mode is best to test this! If anybody wants to use my vids or link them somewhere else please do so. I have to get to the bottom of this.

Just test it with various characters. You don’t know anyone with a modded/Jap Ps2 to tyr HNK on?

Can you post a new vid? The one you have doesn’t really show the input display at all.

EDIT: Nevermind, website is dumb. Had to change the zoom ratio.

I also tried 236D using the ps2, no problems.

Could it be that the because the game might itself be running at 480i, I get this lag (from my ultra fast responses…)] This shouldn’t affect how fast your inputs are processed. If you’re doing the move at a normal speed like you say, the input is registered at the same speed regardless of 480i or 480p, it’s the screen displaying it that changes. The difference would be that you see the move come out a few frames later than it normally would (even though according to the system it already happened).

It’s not a problem with the software itself.


Or download, it’s only 6/4 MB and then you can fill the screen with it and probably have a better view than through a web browser.
Please also turn the sound up and you can hear how fast I’m doing this move. If I do the move a bit slower, the move will work. Well, I think I made my point by now.

There’s two different types of PS3, one with the PS2 chip inside allowing PS2 games to run and one without it, which requires software for backwards compatability. You’re always likely to find problems with softeware than hardware…

I say just test it with other games…

When I did play HNK–I do remember in some instances inputs not responding at all–or coming out extremely late. Its more noticable on an HDTV–I think it rarely happened on a non-HDTV. Kind of a mute point since no one really plays it anymore. I feel stupid for buying it.

I just tested and it worked perfectly for me.

Regarding the fireball motion. Something just occured to me. The forward+A does register, because kenshiro does the overhead, so that would mean that either the down or the down-forward is not registered? This is so fukking weird, I mean the move is shown on screen, for crying out loud. Maybe there is a minimal time limit for how fast a move command can be entered? I am surprised at the reactions. Nobody plays with a ps3 here? Are there any known problems with ps3? I want a sequal.

I sold my previous version and bought the re-release version. To see if it is a bug that they fixed. Well apparantly not.
Is there a site somewhere that has more info on lag ps3 vs ps2 and input errors or something like that. I am beginning to feel like I am one of the few here that play ps2 games on a ps3:wonder: