Ps2: Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 (special) ALL SANWA joystick

Hrap2 for sale. Custom vinyl decal w/ custom one piece and FLCL art. 30mm Blue sanwa snap ins with 24 mm start and select sanwa snap ins. White JLF stick w/ custom spring mod and swapped the case from an hrap1 to have the black shell. Not too sure on price so asking $160 shipped. Don’t really wanna sell it but got kids to feed. XD

EDIT: I have a xconverter 360 plus and pelican ps2/ps3 adapter. Xconverter can be thrown in for $20 and pelican probably $40 idk how much they’re worth anymore.

Pm or post if interested. Thanks!

Hmmm idk if ppl gonna pay 200 for a ps2 stick. Good luck though

What’s a good price? I know it fluctuates and I was lazy to check. lol Thanks

^^That’s what I assumed but I put best offer to get a feel of what is a reasonable price. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.

Please don’t misinterpret the rules and spread them.
Our rules state no shitting on prices. He didn’t shit on your prices he merely offered his insight that it might be inappropriate.
What he posted was completely fine.

Bump, price drop! :smiley:

PM’d you

Bump price drop and added xconverter 360 plus and pelican ps2/ps3 adapter

if I had the cash I would swoop.

If I had cash I wouldn’t sell it. lol


Good luck mcginnis, and it’s a very nice stick. I just bought one a few days ago or I would been more than willing to jump on it.


out of curiosity, does this come with the original design too?

Original is under the vinyl. Not too hard to take off, I did it before on another stick when I was wanting to swap layouts and u just need a heat gun or hair dryer and it comes right off. :smiley:

would you be willing to go any lower? i am a broke person :confused:

hit me up on a pm with your best offer and I’ll see if we can’t work something out. :slight_smile: