PS2 imports, dual 360/PS2 PCB - Local D.C. Northern VA older gen consoles, sticks


I take Amazon payments, sorry no PayPal, and have heatware.

$10.50 each Steam gift copies of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PC
I have a fairly large list of other (non-fighter) Steam gift games I’ll probably never play, so PM me if you’re interested.

sealed import Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Korea NTSC-J)
sealed import Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection (Japan NTSC-J, BEST?)
sealed import Street Fighter Zero: Fighter’s Generation (aka Alpha Anthology Japan NTSC-J, BEST)
sealed import Capcom vs. SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan NTSC-J, BEST)
$95 shipped for the lot

$70 shipped dual 360/PS2 PCB (wired by Zombie CPT, leads left very long, features QDC’s for LS-32 and JLW style sticks, needs to be modded for 5-pin harness style)

$24 shipped sealed PS3 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

$36 shipped Seimitsu LS-32 (not the 32-01 harness style) 4 green and 2 blue 30mm snap-ins with black rim all brand new never used

$12 shipped each TP-MA Sanwa PCB unused, I think I have 2


I’m curious what kind of Arcade parts you have? I’m looking for the following:

JLW Springs
LS-33, LS-55, LS-56 Springs
LS-40 Parts for LS-36 mod (pretty much everything except the microswitches, pcb, main guide, bearing trestle)
Two 24mm Screw-In Red Skeleton Buttons (Seimitsu PS-14-D-N-K)
One 30mm Screw-In Red Skeleton Button (Seimitsu PS-14-K-N)

Lemme know if you have any of this!


So… Is that Total Control Plus 20 bucks shipped or what? Lemme know!



How much is that Total control plus to El Paso Tx?