PS2 in Champ Ed. Cab?

So I have a Champion Edition SF2 cab and I am wondering if it is possible to hook a PS2 up to it for Anniversary Collection (ST and 3s!!!).

Wiring the buttons isn’t a big deal but is it possible to hook the PS2 to the monitor???

Need help PLZ!!!

I think there are some converters to get it working with an arcade monitor like

Welcome to Ultimarc, the Ultimate in Arcade Controls. (Scroll to the bottom)

Or you could make your own with a scart

I think there’s some info on how to do it on

Read up on it though, iirc you need an AMP for the Arcade monitor.

thanks looks interesting.

Any other input out there?

I recommend this: • View topic - Console --> Arcade monitor adapter (AVAILABLE, see 1st post)

It costs more, but it is far superior to the Ultimarc adapters. I have both, and the picture from the Ultimarc adapter is dim on some consoles, PS2 being one of them iirc. Since I got the viletim adapter, the Ultimarc has seen no use whatsoever.