Ps2 jap 3rd strike versus problems

i know, 3s is gay.
the fix is, dont play the shitty game. whatever.

for some reason i can have two controllers working at the same time.
if i plug in 1st player, 2nd doesnt work, and vice versa.

is this supposed to happen?

Uhh no.
Maybe your individual sticks take up too much voltage? Causing the other one to shut down? No idea, ask toodles.

HTH would I know?
Does the main menu allow you to choose ‘versus’ mode if both are plugged in?
Does the same thing happen with two legit, first party, unmodded PS2 dualshock 2 controllers?
Are you trying this on a PS2 or a PS3?

it doesnt allow me to choose versus if both are plugged in.
i havent tried two legit controllers.
just hrap 1, hrap 2, and a mas with a ps2ds pcb.
trying it on a ps2.

you running it off a hard drive? or a flip cover?

i run 3s off my hard drive, when this happens with the jap 3s, i just keep hitting the reset button.

ah, i suppose that is it then.
you just reset your ps2 a bunch of times?

heh, hdloader was my first thought. use the american one.

if you are using hdloader, you need to have option 3 enabled i believe. highlight the game and press select to bring it up. if it’s an original disc copy, then its probably your ps2 our one of your ocntrollers is fudged

thanks for the input guys. i got it to work by enabling option 3.
thanks a lot to everyone who responded. :slight_smile:

Have 2 dual shocks plugged in pretty much 50-50 chance it will work this goes for both the U/J versions. you can go back to the main menu and choose 3s again without resetting as well. Either way it is annoying. Mode 3 does not fix this completely.

Then again my ps2 will not read dvds at all so this is better than not being able to play at all.