PS2 Joystick gives unplugged error randomly


I have a cheap 2 player PS2 joystick:

The player 1 joystick frequently, randomly acts as if its been unplugged for a split second and then plugs back in. For some games this isn’t a problem but for MvC2 this pauses the game and tells you to reconnect, so you get frequent pauses during the game as the window flashes on and off.

I’ve opened the box up and looked around. I don’t see any obvious problems like a loose wire or poor soldering. I’ve tried every combination of wiggling wires and trying to find the point of failure but can’t get it to behave consistently.

I’m wondering if anyone here knows what could be causing this - if theres a particular wire on the PS2 that governs that, and maybe I could test it with a multimeter. I think worst case I could padhack a new PS2 controller and just rewire P1 completely. But before I do that does anyone have any suggestions?


have you tried a regular ps2 dual shock in the first controller slot? If the problem persists then theres something up with the wiring in the ps2, if not then its the joystick.


Yeah its definitely the P1 joystick. The P2 stick works flawlessly when plugged into slot 1, as well as the standard dual shock controller has never given me problems on that PS2.


If there is a problem with any one of the wires, it could cause what you describe. If its the ATT line, the controller wont know it’s being talked to. If its the CMD line, it wont hear what’s being said. If it’s the DAT line, the console won’t know the controller is talking back. If its the VCC or GND line, the controller won’t have power. If its the ACK line, the console will think the controller isn’t receiving the bytes of data.

Set the controller down where no one will touch it or the cord. Plug in your stick into P2, go into training mode, set it versus human, and just play practice for a bit. If it shows back up without anyone touching the cheap stick or cable, then its just a dud and you’ll have to replace it. If it works fine forever when left alone but has a problem when played, you can try replacing the cord.


Thanks for the reply, it seems like its a combination… even leaving it completely alone it would unplug, but not as frequently, maybe once every 30 seconds. Then theres been times where every time I pressed a button it would disconnect exactly when I pressed it.

Seems like the whole thing is just fucked. We tried resoldering all the wires to the PCB to make sure they were clean and not touching and still same thing. Seems like easiest thing to do is just hack a new pad.


I’m having a sort of similar issue as this guy was. Basically, my ps2 stick is not detected by my ps2 unless the cord is completely untwisted. While I can usually play for hours without it being an issue, occasionally when the stick is moved, I get the unplugged error. What would the best solution be for this problem? I would hate in a tournament to be dq’ed for something stupid happening to the cord.


The cords connection to the PCB is probably loose from being twisted and rolled up repeatedly over the years.

If you wanted to you could disconnect all of the wires and resolder them fresh to the PCB, that might fix the issue.

Obviously opening it and looking at the connections would be your first step.


Thanks for the quick response! I probably should’ve mentioned this, but my stick is a modded T5 hori. IIRC, the cord attaches to the pcb using a white connector. I remember trying to unplug the cord while modding to make it easier, but I was having difficulty so I left it alone. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the connection (short of replacing the cord entirely)?


Check the connections to the PCB