PS2 KOF games

Which are good versions? I’m talking, 2003 and earlier.

None of them are too good, 100% honest. You can get Orochi Saga and it’ll hold you if you’re looking for a hit…but that’s it.

If you’re looking for some good, classic fighting games, I’d strongly recommend going with Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2. Has the Real Bout games which are very fun.

How’s 2k2? I heard there was a really good 98 too, or am I mistaken?

BTW - These aren’t Capcom games, so I’m not snobby for arcade perfection. I never got into KoF enough to know the difference.

Well…IMO, graphically and otherwise, the 2K2/2K3 pack is fine. But the control input is wonky to say the least; I’ve played the arcade and DC version of 2K2 and arcade 2K3 and for some reason the inputs just refuse to come out on the PS2 version unless inputted EXACTLY which is just silly. Exact same problem I had with the Xbox version of SVC. Neowave port seems fine ( I suppose that counts for your thread as its technically a remake of 2K2). There’s 2K2 UM as well but I haven’t had much experience with that revision. Honestly the best home port for 2K2 is probably on DC IMO.

I have no idea why SNK programs their inputs like that sometimes.

OK. Like I said, not looking to go pro… I just want something for Ps2… All I have right now is Alpha 1 PSX… I got rid of all my gaming stuff a few months ago, and I have a PS2 now… A fat one that I never got rid of… So yeah, that’s that.

'98 Ultimate Match is pretty sweet.

Yeah, just get Orochi Saga or 98 UM.

neo geo battle colliseum is awesome its kinda kof related

The inputs for PS2 2002 is ass. Don’t ever touch it.

I have a 9 pack, Jap KOF themed PS2 disc. American KOF Ps2 versions have some input problems but the Jap ones are fine.

DON’T get the American Orochi Saga!!! It is RIDDLED with problems!!

98 UM Mixah. Neo Geo mode on it isn’t “perfect” in the sense that it uses UM’s command interp (which is way better) so if you go on GGPO after playing it prepare to feel like you can’t do jack shit.

Making the man choose one game is fucking stupid. He should get as many as possible to see what he likes most.

Yeah, playing 98UM then switching to GGPO’s 98 bit me right in the ass.

Holy Fuck someone that agrees! I knew somethin’ was wrong…

Terrible loading times for one…

Oh yeah sup Mixah long time no see, as far as it goes for KOF buy a SwapMagic and import 2002UM pronto imo…

Get 2k2UM (import) and 98UM (also import).

You can also enable progressive scan on the japanese versions (/\ + X)

KOF Neo Wave is also pretty solid (and somewhat underrated)

98um is downloadable on xbla, listed as KOF98UM

2k2um is also suppose to be out on xbla latter this year, right?

edit: oh wait, we’re talking about ps2 games, lol

buy the japanese versions… they are fine

Yeah what Aion and fiol said, import 98UM and 2002UM on PS2…

2k has extra strikers and some bugfixes.

2k1, dunno, never played it. i assume just bugfixes

2k2 has balance changes, new command interpreter (shittier imo) and svc characters; kinda like a prototype 2k2um.

2k3 is actually superior to the arcade version in every way (lots of bugs fixed and new, better command interpreter). they didn’t do balance changes though, lol.

neowave is arcade accurate other than the new console chars and their glitches.

the collection games are arcade perfect other than some soundtrack changes (ASTs available).

xi is pretty arcade accurate, but has console chars, and a few minor bugs that will probably never come up in normal gameplay (other than hayate “gambit glitch” bug). also has rebalanced arrange mode that everyone hates lol.

98um and 2k2um are SLIGHTLY outdated versions of the latest arcade revisions (98um hero and 2k2 road to revenge respectively)