Ps2 - KOF Neowave screenshots!

hera ya go,

says that it will have matchmaking, i am guessing its a Japan only feature.


should i get this or kof2002/2003 (xbox)

Get 2002/2003.

And all new SNKP games will have Live, with rematch option, tournament modes and so on. SNKP even announced theyll sponsor online tournaments and give prizes to the winners.

Also, trailers for the X-Box ports of the SNKP games are out (they got the NeoWave trailer wrong, though - its just the ReBout trailer again):

Samurai Showdown V

Metal Slug 4/5

King of Fighters 2002/2003

King of Fighters 94 Rebout

King of Fighters Maximum Impact-Maniax

King of Fighters NeoWave

And the Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum site was updated with Athena art, plus two videos (Mr. Big and Versus play). The game seems to be running much smoother now. I didnt notice any of the strange hit boxes and slow bumps from the previous videos (like you could see in the Yuuki or previous ones)… Even Double Assault is looking more natural now.

okay cool

thanks man

this is that atomiswave game, right?

nevermind my ignorance :confused:

Kim is back in neowave? why the fuck was he removed in the first place when that annoying little shit choi made it in, stupid stupid stupid!

Kim was hidden, not removed. I don’t know why tho. Probably for room on the character select screen.

Did anyone check the trailors?

I didnt get a password yet from that link.

You dont a password to download them. I got them fine.

Also got the NeoWave one from someone from the press. The NeoWave port has redone backgrounds. Theyre the same, but theyre now clearly 3D, with little things added and changed.

Hmm, any word on US PS2 version being online?

I really don’t want to have to get an Xbox to play KOF online. Kaillera’s fun, and I don’t feel guilty about it since I’ve bought 02/03.

Yeah, the page didnt load right for me at first, went back and downloaded them fine.

Theres no US PS2 version. Sony rejected it. Theyll ALWAYS reject it. Give up on playing any new low-res 2D fighting game on the PS2 or PS3.

I remember reading something that said US release was Oct.15th, looked pretty official at the time…

It was listed on Amazon. But when asked about it, the SNKPUSA president said Sony had rejected it. I also got the official X-Box cover yesterday from Playmore, and it had the “only on X-Box” logo, unlike MI, KOF2002/2003 and MS4/5. SSV and 94 ReBout also had the “only on X-Box” label.

Funny NeoWave anecdote: Bruno Vaysse, the french NeoWave champion, went to SBO (Togeki). Lost on the first fight.

Then he was all like “the japs are not that good, i only lost because i couldnt use their sticks, i would kick their asses on a Neo stick”. The “japs” then accepted to play him outside of SBO, with the guy using a Neo stick.

Well… he lost again. 40-0.


next excuse: “Excuzee mee, I am a much betterr playerr when I am not so drunk.”

The fact that there’s even a title of “French Champion” makes me laugh.

Ok I want to say that first I am a big fan of SNKs stuff since Magician lord and once I played Fatal Fury I could not go back to SF2 until Super Turbo came out. But I am a little sad when I watch a lot of SNKs recent game videos. I am happy that they are starting to use High Res Sprites but they still have a serious lack of frames. Maybe I am expecting too much but I would love to see SNK have a game that Animated like Melty blood (that runs a around 60 FPS give or take).

I will still buy these games and play them because I am sure they will be good and play very well but I think they need to start stepping up.

lol yo time stop can you get that match has the french finals, so i assume theyll have those soon too.




And flopped.

Theres your answer on why they (and Capcom - remember SF3?) dont even bother. Why waste money and time when the fans will only keep playing the same old stuff instead? Why would they waste big bucks when the money coming in would NOT increase? Only harcore players play those games. You think casual players would go to arcades to play the new KOF? Nope, only the same old people.

Ignored Garou and kept playing KOF. Ignored SF3 and kept playing SFA. Its OUR fault.

:<, we suck.

French jokes got old a long time ago.

But yeah, players need to be a bit more humble and realistic.

I think I saw that French NW final match, who was the guy using…do you know T_S?

Whats this about high res sprites in NW?