PS2 makes scratching noises

Hey, so ya topic. My ps2 is making scratching noises when i run a disc. Its fine when theres no disc so the fan isnt the prob. Im guess its scratching the lens or something? howwever i look at the disc after running a while and there is no scratch marks? Anyone have this happen to them or know how to solve this? Thanks

I had this happen before [on a fat PS2]. If it read the game with no problems, I just let it run [because as you said, there were no scratches]. If it wouldn’t play the game, I’d stand the console upright. That usually solved the problem of both reading and scratching.

Try another disc. If other discs work right, it might be the disc hole. Prolly a lil worn out or bigger than the disc spinner.

If it’s a slim PS2, see if the disc seems uneven when placing it on the spinner. If not…well I’m all out of ideas.

ya i have the slim, the disc does seem a bit uneven… any remedy on fixing?

is the spindle holding the game right? i’ve never seen a bad spindle, but they sell so many online i wouldn’t rule it out. put a disc in with the lid up and spin the game as fast as you can and see if it looks like it’s laying even. if it’s not gripping the disc right… well i’m not sure what happens exactly but i’d imagine it’s this or the game just flies off. they sell replacement spindles online.

does the little disc brake seem a bit close to the game when you pop it in? i blocked it with duct tape one time and it made that scratchy noise when it got loose. check the little grooves under the lid that activate the lid sensors and make sure they’re not bent or snapped off. try to put something in the brake sensor spot and see if the brake goes back all the way. it doesn’t last long but you could try to tape the brake down and see if the scratching stops. careful not to block the disc with the tape. no good way to fix this either without buying some replacement parts or magic keys. i took the disc brake thing out altogether since i do the swap trick. (it’s “B” in this pic)

the spindle is a bit off… the disc kinda gets stuck when i spin it. Anyone know the most reliable site on getting ps2 replacement parts??? Thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile:

my slim does the same thing. theres three tabs on the spindle that grab the disc and sometimes one doesn’t grab properly. put the disc in and give it a little spin by hand. if it doesn’t spin smoothly pop it out and put it in again. make sure you’re pushing down on the center of the disc to make it’s seated properly and you should be fine.

You can find the replacement for the whole laser assembly thing for $30 from what I’ve seen. There’s a sale on eBay for $12, but it ends in about 11 hours. I’d link but I don’t know if that’s allowed since it isn’t my auction. Just Google PS2 Slim Laser eBay.