PS2 MAS Stick


I have a very old MAS stick that my cousin gave to me because he had no more room for it. It was sitting in his storage for the last ~7 or so years (or whenever these sticks released), and needed to get rid of it. So i took it :). He paid over $100+ for these i think, lol

Im not quite sure if the stick is still functional cause my ps2 is destroyed, but by the looks of the cord and PS2 insert, it looks pretty good and still intact.

I’m looking to sell it for [S]$70 $65 $60[/S]**$55 **Locally around glendale / pasadena area. Does that sound like a reasonable price? PM me we’ll do business :slight_smile:


Or ill trade em for a Logitech G600 g600


Bump. Price drop


Bump. Price drop :smiley:


Price drop once again. :frowning:


Are you willing to ship?


Yeah im pretty sure you’re right. But i dont have a working ps2, so im kinda impatient on looking for one to test em. And i kinda need cash as well quick, since im trying to get something on sale from amazon, lol

Shipping might cost a tad bit, since these weigh a alot. And i dont know how to ship items, lol.

Item is pending on buyer until Monday.


hey. shipping is about 15 to 19 bucks with in the usa. also from the looks of. That one is ancient. I know becuse it is made from particle board and not mdf fiber. I love these sticks. I modded and sold about 4 of them. lol. From the pictures, the parts, It has an ill competiotion stick with cherry switches. Nice


Yup haha i noticed it when i was unscrewing it, lol

Anyways… Sold :slight_smile:


Nice sticks man!