PS2 Mayflash Programmer, SF Anniversary PS2 stick, and right-handedness


I was thinking of using a Street Fighter Anniversary stick for everything from the 2600 to the One and Switch. It has a PS2 mode, and there are many adapters from PS2 to other standards. But here’s the interesting twist: I was going to buy a Mayflash 2047, aka a Playstation programmer, for one main purpose, to invert the joystick 180 degrees and swap east and west, north and south, and punches and kicks. This is so I have a right handed joystick. The arrangement on the street fighter stick is right-hand friendly. I would buy a more custom model, but I’ll wait until I get more money to buy one. I want a right handed set-up with no rapid fire, combos, macros or any other cheats.

Would a Mayflash 2047 do I what I want with it? Would a Mayflash 2047 be considered tournament-illegal just because it’s able to have macros and combos and rapid fire on it? Would Mayflash make a tournament legal version with only button/joystick remappings, or one with an indicator light to show when it’s tournament legal.

How much ping does that Playstation reprogrammer add?

Also would the PS2-> other system adapters work, like the ones from tototek for classics, or brook to the Xbox One? What would one do for Intellivision, Colecovision, (both classic and super action, as a few games only work with one and a couple only the other only.) 5200, 7800, Astrocade, and Jaguar? Also, is there a 3DO version with the daisy chain connector? Is there any significant ping of more than 1 ms?

Righthanding a Street Fighter anniversary stick

The cheapest thing would be to just leave everything as is, just rotate the whole thing 180 and just rewire the buttons and joystick. 10 minute job.

Only two downsides would be that the artwork would be upside down when your using the stick, and the start and select would be below your right palm, and easy to hit (easy fix would be to drill 2 small holes in the side for start and select)

And because the stick will look stock, people will think your trolling them using the stick upside down.

PS the stick has like 3 different pc b varients, and I think 2 are terrible with converters and one is half decent


Anzhar, 1) I don’t know how to do that exactly, and 2) it would ruin its collectability .) x 1/2


If you leave start and select as they are it would look no different, and is completeley reversible

I’ll do a mock up pic to show what I mean when I’m at my computer


ok so here goes (btw i hope im not coming across as condescending)

so if you place the stick in your lap as standard it will look like this [details=Spoiler]


if you turn the stick around whlst in your lap it will look like this [details=Spoiler]


so what you need to do is rewire it so that it looks like this [details=Spoiler]


the process is fully reversible because all your doing is swapping the quickdisconnects from one button to another and from one direction switch to another

like i said the only downside is that start and select will be in your way, you can always drill 2 small holes in the side and move them there and plug the current holes…but then you got holes in the side when you revert back to normal

if you do want to go ahead and do the rewiring and leave it completely reversible like in the pic and leave the start select where it is then its simple all you have to do is remove the back first [details=Spoiler]


then you just rearrange the wiring to suit your button layout. the following picture is from Arcade Stick Monk’s tutorial and all credit goes to him [details=Spoiler]


click here if you want to read through Arcade Stick Monk’s Tutorial for a more advanced mod


The anniversary stick doesn’t have good quick disconnects. In the one I have they were on extremely tight with heat shrink tubing around them. If you can’t get them off without damaging them try unscrewing the microswitches and switching them that way if there’s enough wire.

For buttons you don’t have to move around them if you don’t want to. Just reconfigure controls in game.


The 2 that I modded a few years back had qd’s

And yes he does not have to rewire the buttons and do it in game button config, but rewiring will save time in long run


Yup. 100% reversible in 10 minutes or less.

^^ I figure its a given by now that most who own one of these, has already upgraded it with quality parts and of course, new wiring and quick disconnects.


Hey Ahnzar, Picutre 3 is kind of funny, because it looks like you have a right hand on your left arm. .) Seriously, when I said the buttons weren’t flipped horizontally, I mean when you turn it 180 degrees, your quick attacks would be by your index finger, balanced on middle, heavy on ring and consumable on Pinky, Since your left hand operates the buttons when playing rightie, the left index finger is CLOSEST to the joystick. I guess you interpreted it as absolute not flipped, not relative not flipped.

Oh by the way, I never modified the stick. In my most famous win, I have used a KY Enterprises stick, not even concerned about joystick parts, the only thing important was righthanding it, if you want to read not only I but other friends beat my most famous victim, who was a neighbor and friend., to read about it, and see how impressive of a notch it later turned out to be.

I did a search, and couldn’t find a “righthanding a Street Fighter Anniversary stick” forum, but that’s what links are for: instead of retyping it, just link. So Assume that the most significant improvement which will take me from average to top 5% is righthanding it, What kinds of tools, materials, and skills would I need to make it work. I would vertically adjust the buttons so the “main button” is on my lower index. I’m using the default stick and buttons, mainly because differences between buttons and joysticks are only helpful if you’re within the top tenth of a percent of a game, and are fighting for number 1.

By the way, do the ones that don’t work with adapters not work AT ALL, or would they just be pingy? The one I have does work with a PS2-> Xbox One converter, but “double translating” from PS2-> Xbox One -> Switch, or Ps2 -> PS3 -> Switch doesn’t work because it’s like an American being a translator between a Japanese person and a German person. Double conversions are harder than single conversions. How do I tell which version has the best PCB for converters?

If I do have a machine that works well with converters, then can I get it to work for 360, Game Cube, Dreamcast, Saturn, SNES, TG16 and Genesis, (and MAYBE 3DO if I don’t mind not having a daisy chain port, and if I had a game that actually can use a joystick well) in addition to the Xbox One converter I already have? Does the Genesis work with the 2600 and Master System. Would the genesis adapter and a 2600-> Astrocade converter described here make it work for Astrocade? (for games that don’t need paddles) Now all I need is a solution for NES, 7800, 5200, Colecovision, Intellivision, N64, Wii/Wii U Classic, and Switch. I would say Jaguar, except I only own 2 games, Atari Karts which I found for $1 (and found a Pro Controller for $20 used for that game on ebay in the early 2000s), and Cybermorph, which came with the system when I bought it used. And would these converters map in a somewhat Street Fighter friendly arrangement, where your main button is lower index, and the buttons would be mapped like a PS2-> Whatever converter should.

If I have to have it for these systems, would it make more sense to get a completely custom joystick, or try to find piecemeal adapters?