Ps2 mvc2 differences

Hello, i was just wondering what exactly has different timing when it comes to combos in the ps2 version so i know what not to practice on that version. Any info would help, thanks.

Id like to know
i was never a hardkore mvc2 player but it seems some things have been changed.
the old sentinel combo rocketpunch, Fierce, sentinelsuperx5 doesnt work.
after next fierce the super refuses to come out.
And on Mags, the air hypergrav, tempest, juggle into 2 kicks, they almost always seem to fall before Mag recovers.
Anything else or am I just smoking crack again?

alright since i own a PS2 copy of marvel myself and im a pad player, i would know lol, ive asked the same other boards. Here’s the basic stuff everybody says, although i dont agree with all

  1. The cyclops assist invincibilty. Some people say in the ps2 version, he can come in and HIT (while the opponent is attacking, or just starting they’re special, etc) but he goes away immediately cause he also gets damaged. And in the dreamcast/arcade version, he’s invincible up UNTIL the little optic blast. Example :: your getting hit by doom AAA in the corner, but you send cyclops… cyclops will hit , unlike other assist if you call them, they don’t even attack cause they get hit immediately and get out… but cyclops is only invincible for a bit in the ps2 version. I personally haven’t noticed much and haven’t tested it, you should though

  2. DHC lags… i dont know why people say this, but ive seen the arcade lag when people DHCing especially like this Anyone/Anyone/Hailstorm sometimes. it doens’t even change anything about the game… it looks cool when things are slowed down

  3. Xbox/PS2 versions have TONS of glitch/bug fixes. Only dreamcast/arcade, has tons of them. sigh. Some of us PS2/Xbox marvel owners want the damn glitches/bugs. We want arcade-perfect-port versions right? haha

person above me, what are you talking about “rocketpunch, Fierce, sentinelsuperx5 doesnt work.” doesn’t work? In training ive gotton Sentinel’s super x a billion lol, to 90ish hits just for fun. it works, all you gotta do is pratice… HP, rocketpunch, special, repeat. OR if your just learning it… then pratice with just HP, special, repeat. don’t include rocketpunch, you learn that later… its easier that way trust me.

theres more i think? if i think of any, ill update

I can do the standing fierce, into the super with ease. Sometimes the combo breaks though.
But forwhatever reason, maybe im smoking crack, if I do fierce, into rocketpunch, the super will never come out.
Ive used the 3x kicks buttons, manually hitting the kicks, etc.
I had no problem at all doing it on my jap mvc2 original with a psx>dc adapter so its not like im not used to the controls. He just refuses to go into the super.

nah, it works fine, you must be doing something different or the slight timing difference is messing you up.

nice, i have the ps2 version too. Dreamcast is much better, but i have to give it to the ps2 when it comes to the control if you do not have a joystick. Yeah the cyclops supposely doesnt have invisiblity,theres no gambit glitch, but who cares, you have juggys glitch.
Overall ps2 is alright and is good to learn with if you are a beginner. Gots the map buttons for easy airdashs, rom infinate. Thats how i learned and later moved to joystick. Plus everyone should’ve bought a copy back then, game is rare now and selling like expensive hotcakes in ebay.

And the sound. The sound on the ps2 and xbox versions is absoulte trash. In DC/arcade, notice how when you connect a hit, you get a crisp clash sound. On the PS2/xbox versions all you get is a dull thud. It’s most noticeable when you finish with a super, the loud noise thats associated with the flash sounds very, very hollow on the ps2/xbox versions. I know it doesnt really matter much to the gameplay, but to me it matters.

umm the game will slowdown from stupid shit.

ps2 naturally has a shitty video card. try doing simultaneous dhc’s to captain sword or hail(maybe both) with both players.

then try it on dreamcast.

both should lag, but the ps2 should lag waay more so.

also i hear ps2 has slowdown w/ magneto rushdown, but i never played it much.

the only thing i dont like about learning on ps2 is the fact that you use your left hand for assists. you go to the arcade and you gotta switch to your right hand. it only fucked me up when i STARTED practicing at the arcade.

It certainly no problem if you had had a arcade stick.

And the main difference is the ps2 mvc2 graphics are worth than the DC version.

thith thread ith old.

sorry. couldn’t help it.

newb walks in…
well uh DC versions alot better imho seein as how the sound and the controls are crisp and aren’t that glitchy unlike the PS2/Xbox versions (thank god i burned me a copy lmao)

Fixed. :tup: :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

i want dat mango sentinel :sad:

random freezing… tag counters aren’t invincible.