PS2 on a LED Monitor?


So I’m moving into my university residence in about a week and I really want to play some iidx and my jrpgs on my PS2 but I don’t have enough space in the place I’m staying in to fit a CRT.

I have the ASUS VE228H as my monitor, which I believe has HDMI as well as VGA inputs.

What would be the best way to somehow (via converter?) connect my PS2 to my monitor? I’m going to be playing iidx on it so there has to be minimal to no lag introduced (I’m playing Empress so I think there is a timing adjustment setting but even so, there can’t be more than 1-2 frames of input lag).

I remember digging up a thread but the converter listed there is way out of my budget (I don’t want to spend more than $50).

Any help or direction is hugely appreciated!

Thanks guys.


The only under $50 solution with “minimal” latency is an HD Box Pro or similar. Monoprice has a version of it too. It converts component to VGA. No one’s ever done 100% legit testing on it, but I’ve done some testing with known flaws in my testing procedure and I’ve had a lot of hardcore 3rd Strike players and IIDX players use it and they all say it’s legit enough. I’d say it adds roughly 1.5 frames at most.

Link to monoprice version:

I happen to have a few of these (and the original HDBoxPro versions from China that were like $76 each) that I don’t need anymore. I previously used them with my business to have PS2s and Wiis on LCDs in video gaming rooms at conventions. Order one from Monoprice or hit me up on PM if you’re interested to work something out.


I don’t have component cables for my PS2, only the ones with Red/White/Yellow plugs. Would that still work on this box?

I’ve read some stuff about a number of PS2 games not working correctly with component. Do you have any information regarding that?

(Well if iidx works that solves half the problems, I just want to also be able to play my Tales of series games on it…)

Also - the native resolution on the VE228H is 1980x1080. Not sure if that creates issues or not.


HD Pro box does have it’s down sides, Including visual artifacts.

There are a list of PS2 games that do not support Component video, also PS1 games on the PS2 do not support Component video.
I don’t have a complete listing but for example the Mega Man X collection, all the SNES & PS1 ports do not display on Component video out.

For the Money getting a RGBs cable (like a RGB Euro Scart cable for NTSC PS2 consoles) and a RGBs to VGA or RGBs to HDMI adapter would be more your speed.
RGBs Euro Scart scallers run from $50 to hundreds depending on the brand and quality.
When setting up for RGB video you have to go into your PS2 settings and change the video output from YUV to RGB

If money no object I go with a Framemister XRGB unit, ether the 2, 2 Plus 3 or the Mini (the Mini does HDMI, while the 1, 2, 2+ and 3 does VGA).
On the El-chepo end there the Gobines 8200 which need a custom made connector and a Wall adapter.
There also cheap Scart RGBs to HDMI converters on Amazon and eBay.

Unfortunately RGBs is not an Option with US NTSC versions of the Wii. There is a Wii Componet to VGA cable but the quality is mediocre.


Man fuck. So much money going into this.

Thanks for the info guys but for the time being I’m just gonna play LR2 (beatmania-like simulator) on PC via Super Joy Box Pro 3 and I’m gonna just buy a decent CRT once I move out of res for all my PS2 gems.


I’ve seen ASUS monitors that support Sync on Green.
You can try progressive scan PS2 games with your RGB settings in RGB instead of YPbPr.
You can use the homebrew GSModeSelector, or possibly the Blaze upscaler (ELF available if you look), for games that don’t support progressive scan.

Some info here: The Evo monitor DOES SUPPORT Sync-on-Green!

The short of it is, it’s possible you will only need to obtain a few cheap cables (PS2 component cable if you don’t already have it, “VGA to RCA” cable/dongle, possibly a 3x RCA coupler), and you can run the free PS2 softmod and an upscaler homebrew (free or available for free) for 31khz SoG output. This is assuming your ASUS will work with SoG.

edit: Didn’t even notice this was about IIDX LOL. If you want any IIDX specific advice feel free to PM me, I’ve done a lot with that game on and off of PS2. IIDX isn’t progressive scan though, GSModeSelector makes it go off sync, and the Blaze upscaler preserves sync but only works for 480i styles (9th-Empress).

This is totally wrong. All of PS2 and PSX will work via component, the games are agnostic to the signal they’re hooked up through (try enabling progressive scan while using composite, the game will let you, then bye bye video). If you mean progressive scan games then yes the amount of ps2 games that support 480p are a small minority and PSX games obviously do not. But component works fine for both libraries.


I strongly disagree as I already personally found one PS2 game that didn’t work while using component.
And I know there are a list of others.


I’d be curious to test this on my PVM, which title? Or if you can pull up the list so much the better. I’ve had no luck:
Your post mentioning PSX not working sounds a lot like running PSX on a PS2 over component on a HDTV not supporting 240p, I’ve definitely had PSX running over component. Until I got my JPSX I used a fliptop PS2 slim + exploit to run my PSX stuff, and it was always over component.

If the PS2 title you encountered was 240p (they’re out there) and you were using this on a LCD I think you drew a wrong conclusion.


I can confirm that the mega man x collection would not work with component output, at least on the tv I used. Tekken 1-3 on the Tekken 5 disc wouldn’t work either.


Sounds like a LCD not working with 240p seeing as those both run noninterlaced.


Bingo. I have a CRT that does 480p and 1080i (no 720p) and Mega Man X Collection played fine with component.

When I played it on a PC monitor through my DVDO Edge, it’d notice it switch between 480i and 240p for certain screens.


For any console using s-video or component which I absolutely need to display on an LCD, I’ve done well with active converters such as these:

They have been rebranded over a thousand times, but the performance seems to be relatively the same. S-video looks acceptable, and I haven’t noticed significant delay (if any).

For component I use one of these (although a different “brand” once again):

No perceivable delay on that one either, though I’m sure the amount of lead and chemicals I’ve ingested over the years retards my ability to tell.

The biggest problem I’ve noticed in any of my analog AV setups has been running lines too long, or using too many switches. When we’re talking analog, some signals/formats/standards work better than others over length. Digital, by nature, doesn’t care about length/noise as much. The digital “problems” we tend to encounter are in latency induced by signal processing, as most know.

Most of my LCD AV setups for analog signals involve a switch feeding into these converters, and finally the display. I hate using this method, regardless of the converter. Analog/SD belongs on CRTs and HD/Digital belongs on LCD, but that’s just my opinion.


My LCD TV works with 240p just fine, as I used to run a un-modded NES on the display. It isn’t a 240p issue.
The issue also shows up CRT screens with certain games like the Mega Man X collection not working with component (YUV)

There flat out some PS2 games that don’t work with Component (YUV) video.


Which games? My PS2 is modded so I’d be happy to test them tonight. I can download MMX Collection after work at the least.
Again if you can produce this list you mentioned before I’d be happy to go through several.


I don’t have a full listing.

I did found this, if nothing else offers some insight.

The ghist is that there issues with a number of games working as 480i on Componet (YUV).
And not all games have a 480p mode.

I notice going to RGBs sidesteps the issue.


The two forum threads mention the signals not working outright when ypbpr is plugged directly into certain HDTVs, due to whichever handling they have over component, which is what I’ve been saying.

So since you agree with those threads, do you agree with me? :slight_smile:


I do thing its a issue with games trying to run at 480i over Componet (YUV).
It could be my TV but I don’t have the means to into a in depth analysis.
So I meat you half way.

I do want to be clear that there are PS2 games that don’t support 480p.


Well technically the PS2 os RGsB Or RGB SoG so you may need to find out if your monitor can interpret SoG or not (sync on green)


Unlikely a monitor supports Sync on Green, it was a very much a Sony thang that never caught on. The PS2 supports Sync on green but it does not use Sync on Green for 15 khz RGB s via Euro scart or JP21.
The VGA adapter that came with the developer kit for PS2 has Sync on Green for VGA but not RGB Scart. But that getting into RGB video.

Component (YUV) does not use SoG.


Gotta disagree there, at least via the xrgb-mini via component it doesn’t care what cable you use.

I remember MMX collection straight component only gave me sound but the mini always made it work.