PS2 on PS3 stick problems


I just picked up a SFIV Fightstick and wanted to play a few rounds of CvS2 with my friend, but the home button doesn’t seem to be working. Actually, in general, I’m having a lot of problems with playing sticks on PS2 games on my PS3. E.g. My old Radioshack PS -> USB converter works all wonky (swaps R buttons for L buttons, start and select in PS3 games, and it won’t work in PS2 games w/o a home button).

Anyways, if you guys have had any experience with this that’d be awesome. As far as good news goes, the HRAP3 does work perfectly fine with both PS2 and PS3 games. Hmph


Just to be clear, the HOME button doesn’t work on my SFIV Fightstick when I’m in PS2 mode on my PS3. Rar


All the other buttons work fine though?
I really think this is just an issue of sony having to update the firmware to add support like they did for the Hori sticks.


The MadCatz sticks won’t work on ps2 games on a backwards compatible ps3’s, not because there is something wrong with your stick or your ps3 but because Sony needs to release a firmware that would allow your ps3 to recognize these controllers.

I would really like for this to happen and soon, but there is no info about Sony even working on it at the moment. They did it with the Hori sticks before so at least there is some precedent of it.

As for your converter not working properly with other controllers I don’t know what the problem might be. You might want to ask about it in the converter thread.


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I just ordered a second HRAP3. So. Problem solved with the MadCatz stick. I guess I’m going to the converter thread for any custom work I get done. Thanks guys.