PS2 pad with Streetfighter IV PC


Do any of you know how to get the PS2 pad working properly with Streetfighter IV PC?

Most of the buttons either work, or I can get them to work, the same as Xbox 360 pad, but there are some buttons that don’t seem to be able to be programmed (the PS2’s RB button, for example, is permanently mapped to Pause, which is bloody annoying).

Nephew’s coming back home from holiday tomorrow, so I want to get this sorted (he’s going to want to play this, against me). He can have his own profile as well, can’t he: just make his own Windows Live account.

Thanks in advance for your help.


You could try using Xpadder and work it around that way, I remember I had to do that with my PS2 pads for a couple emulators.


You should be able to change the controller settings before you launch the game from the controller settings option. Just go to the function you want (such as start) then click the button you want to map to start, and it should select it for you from the drop down menu.