PS2 pads are not allowed for Tournament play, correct?

Looking through the player guide, I don’t see this explicitly stated.

It’s become a concern of mine ever since 3S became available on Kaillera. I’ve done many online matches since it came out, and I’ve determined I need a LOT more stick practice between now and the finals (especially with hit confirming). However, my execution with the pad is pretty good.

I know I’d be laughed at during the tournament, but I’m going to use Sirlin’s book as my defense. When he wrote about tiers, he said to pick the character you are most comfortable with. Wouldn’t it make sense for this to carry over to the controller you’re most comfortable with?

Again, because it’s not stated in the player guide, I’m just covering my bases to see if the option is available to me. If not, it’s no big deal.

Pads are allowed as long as you don’t use any bullshit functions like macros, turbo buttons, etc.

Me and CYBORG from Jersey are reppin pads (silver ps2 pad for me, he uses dreamcast pad w/ converter). I have a joystick but I switch on and off when I get frustrated. On to topic, of course, and you won’t be the only one there with a pad, believe me.

Congratulations, you are smarter than over 90% of the srk population.


Well sans wireless controllers iirc.

in game marcos are allowed

Really? Tapping L2 for EX up-chuck awood-chuck would be nice. As would tapping L1 for EX harookin.

I’m not sure about those LOL but macros like setting a button to throw or taunt is fine

Yeah you can set buttons to KKK or PPP (all three at once) in the config. I use it for EXs. An Akuma player would also make use of it.

As far as most capcom games go this generally means ppp, kkk, lp+lk, mp+mk, hp+hk. I think tekken has every button combination available, no idea about VF, smash has no config available, GG has pk, pks, pksh, and pd.

Only scrubs are afraid of them. I can’t think of any time where they noticeably help aside from comfort reasons.

VF has every combination as well. That shit would be impossible on a pad without it. :rofl: