PS2 Ports


I’m a bit concerned since i hold casuals every thursday at my house. Everyone’s unplugging and plugging in their sticks and im concerned one day the port will give out(like my friend’s did). Is there a way to prevent this? Or an item i can put in and then just plug in from there? Also, my stick, is plugging it in and out a bad thing? I have a first party PS Dual shock controller PCB(Dreadedfist made it). I want my hardware to last longer.

This is something i need to do myself. Use controller extension cables :karate:

hail n kill, whereabouts in SD do u hold casuals? I’m in the south bay area and have yet to play any one that’s a bit of a challenge (since we’re shit out of luck down here if u know what I mean) MvC2 somewhat cuts it but scrubs run amok at tilt or CV; rookies. I’ll usually give my game up when I get going to work.

Hold casuals in the north aprt, way far from you. We don’t hold marvel either, only 3s and cvs2…

Oh yeah, i am a bit paranoid since it happened to my friend, everytime i unplug i get hella crazy.Thanks though,i talked to DF last night and he gave me some good tips anyways. Thanks to you, too.