PS2 Premium Hardwood Stick **SOLD**

SOLD (US Only)

**Specifications: **
Case is built from Morado hardwood with a hand-rubbed polyurethane mirror finish
Sony PS2 Dual Shock 2 PCB
Sanwa JLF joystick with under mounted dust cover
Seimitsu PS-14-K snap in buttons
Bull nosed and flame polished plexiglass top panel with plexiglass screws
Includes TMO Signature plexiglass bottom panel
Wired to a terminal strip and quick disconnects
Case Dimensions 9 x 12 x 2.0" (at front) & 2.75" (at back)
Includes extra plexiglass top panel
Optional Sanwa GT-Y octagonal restrictor available

Thanks again SRK!!!

that is definitely one nice looking stick and definitely worth the asking price. great to see the top panel being all hardwood as well. someone should pick this up fast.

email sent.

The stick has sold. We will be back next month with at least one blank case and a special announcement.

Thanks again SRK.

Did you seriously hack a Dualshock 2? You should post up a tutorial on that.

are there any benefits to hacking a dual shock 2 ??

Padhacking thread has info on it, or at least for one of the models.
The one we did turns out to not be a common ground pad, but a common high pad. There’s still only one wire going to all of the switches, but Flash/p360 and dual pcb setups are out.