Ps2 Problem - Help Meeee

Hey guys,
I’m having a problem with the player 2 port on myps2. Whats happening is after play for 5-10 mins after powering on, the 2nd port then stops functioning. In middle of a game, the 2nd player does not respond to d-pad or any of the buttons. I have looked all over to find a fix but have found nothing.

Things I have tried so far-
1- using can of dust off to clear any dust out of the ports - did not work
2- using a different pad - did not work

I’m thinking of trying to use a multitap and hook up the 2nd controller to the 2nd port on the multitap instead. However, I don’t have a multitap at the moment. Do you guys think it might work? Any other suggestions?

you should open up your ps2 and see if there’s anything wrong with wiring leading to the controller port. most likely you’re not getting the correct voltage to the port, thus causing your pad to crap out on you on player 2 side. Might also be something physically wrong with the controller port itself. other than switching out the controller ports(which is something I defintely would not recommend) I wouldn’t know what else you can try…=/

Thanks Dark Man… guess i’ll have to open her up and see if there is any loose connections…