PS2 -> PS3 converters, is there a real big difference?


I hear that some converters have input lag is this true? I’ve been using a $10 radio shack PS2 to USB converter which seems to work fine. Is it true that there is input lag with some converters? Which ones are to be avoided, and inversely, which are the best ones? I keep hearing about InPin adapter, what is that?


Actually… I use the eForcity converters with my Anniversary pads, and although it seems pretty normal overall I’ve noticed it seems half the time I intend a quarter circle it executes the zigzag, so I end up with a lot more Shoryukens than I want, and the thing is I don’t recall having this trouble on the PS2 with Third Strike. I’m not sure what to think.


I wouldn’t blame the converter for that. I think what you are experience is a common problem. I know I on occasions pull out a DP when I want a fireball.


Check this out.