Ps2/ps3/pc mayflash universal fightstick

I bought one of these recently so i could play all my old ps2 games on an actual ps2 console . It was very cheap like under £30.

I watched some vids on youtube about people modding them. Because im not too bothered about all sanwa parts for this (im reserving those sanwa parts for my ps4 venom stick). Could i still stick an octagonal gate in the mayflash universal fightstick, so basically just replacing the square with an octo?

Any other info?


If you can find an octo gate that matches I’m sure you could.

If it’s anything like the one I picked up in Japan though (i.e. cheaply made), it may not clip in the same way that Sanwa gates do.

Best bet is open it up and see what you’re working with, then you’d just need to find a gate to fit.
Or ask a friend with a 3D printer really nicely to make you your part if it isn’t a standard fit :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there many Modders in the UK (specifically around the north east of England) or elsewhere in the UK will be fine.

I’ve decided I would like to mod this universal fightstick as im planning on buying converters so i can use this fightstick on my saturn and dreamcast too. So if im going to be using it on several consoles I guess it might be worth getting sanwa upgrade etc.

This guy on youtube had modded it but it looked quite advanced especially with all the soldering and other things…

What is people’s take on modding this stick?

Honestly… I think it’s a waste of time. The shell of the stick is crap and pure plastic, and mounting the joystick is a pain. Even the button holes need to be enlarged.

See if you can find a MadCatz SE / Brawlstick instead, or even a Venom. Much friendlier to mod.

Check in here: Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Judging from my own cheapo stick it’d probably take a little bit of doing. You’ll be stripping out the buttons/stick/board inside, just for starters.
If you need to expand the holes like Gahrling suggested then it may make it a little trickier if you’re doing it diy style.
If you like the box though or don’t wanna buy a more expensive box I don’t see why you couldn’t do it though, may just be a pain haha.

If you have a few dollars though I’d look into one of the boxes Gahrling mentioned or even have a look in some of the other threads, there are some decent looking perspex/plexi boxes that someone makes/sells, would link it if I knew where haha.
Alternatively find out if there’s a makerspace/hackerspace in your area with a cnc machine/lasercutter/3D printer and make your own :slight_smile:

Edit: Found him, more pictures in the thread, didn’t wanna spam image quote, just wanted to give you a preview :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. This is all because I want a PS2 fightstick haha. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do if it’s gonna be more hassle than its worth.

Unless there’s someone on here who could mod it for a price.

Or is anyone selling anyone decent ps2 stick?