PS2 savebuilder/cdgen help...$1 reward! (NO PIR8)

I will paypal a dollar to anyone who can send me a working bin/cue with a complete Soul Calibur 3 save file. I’ve been unsuccessful tonight, and it’s cost me my original save file and 4 CD-rs.

I know what to do with the image once I have it.

What are you using to put a save from a CD to the PS2 in the 1st place? Do you have a thumb drive? Sounds like you already have the means to enable yourself to install the memory card exploit and just using uLaunchELF to transfer the saves from a USB drive to your PS2’s memory card.

PS2 savebuilder,cdgen, and swap magic. The whole idea is to rip the save off a disc. Every save seems to be corrupt. I’m thinking I might have to make another legit save file, and copy the name. I think the saves I’ve gotten thus far are for the eu version of the game, so the name will be off. Upon renaming the euro save to the domestic save name, I ought to be able to use it. I’m getting discouraged. All the saves I’ve found seem to be x-port or Max files, which might be another problem.

Do you have a thumb drive?


I’ve wasted enough cd-rs. I’m going to pick up a thumb drive.

Yeah. Wasting CDs just for one small save file isn’t my cup of tea. I sent ya a PM with some directions and what not. Hopefully, it’ll work for you.

Thanks very much! I now have everything unlocked in SC3. The drive was only $15. I’m sure I’ll use it again.

Good to see that it worked for ya. I’m sure you understood how I extracted the SC3 save that I took from gamefaqs with the ps2savebuilder, but if you don’t just PM me or something. It makes transferring downloaded saves a whole lot easier, doesn’t it?

Definitely. Doing it via cd-r is a lot more complicated. I tried over and over again, to no avail.