PS2 SF Anniversary pads... Do they work with Slim PStwo?


Can someone verify whether or not the SF Anniversary pads (6 button face) work 100% with the slim PStwo.

I have an SF pad, but it doesnt work with my slim. I dont know if the pad itself is busted, as I dont have the Fat PS2 to test with.


Do all your other controllers work fine in both the PS2’s controller ports? If so it’s your pad that’s busted. I have a SF pad, and it works fine on my slim PS2s.


Yeah, that pad is dead. I have 3 and one of mine busted an adapter and it still works on my slim PS2.


I have all 4 SF pads and they all work fine on my slim PS2.


All of my other controllers work on it. So I guess its a busted controller. Thanks for the info guys.


Yeah those controllers are known to crap out pretty fast. At least they are cheap.