PS2 Slimline w/ two controllers and games!

Hi again guys, I had a good experience selling here so I want to give it another shot! :smiley:

I’ve got here a PS2 slimline, used, comes with composite AND component cables for your HD gaming goodness. :slight_smile:

Also, two official Dualshock controllers, one black, and one emerald green.

As for games, I’ve got Neogeo Battle Coliseum, KOF Maximum Impact, Madden 2004, NBA Street Volumes 1 and 2.

I’d like to sell everything in one shot, and the grand total is…

$80 shipped. I think that’s a really awesome deal compared to all the cool stuff you’re getting. :smiley:

I’m welcome to offers, trades, just post here, don’t shoot me PM’s. ^_^;

EDIT: I found DDR MAXX2 with the official Konami dance mat, I’m willing to sell it with the bundle for $15 more, and I’ll sell it seperately $25 shipped, so think about the little bit of savings you get there. :wink:

Why weren’t you doing this two weeks ago when I bought my PS2? :lol: Including NGBC, and I can’t even find KOFXI. That’s a good deal for whoever buys it.

Man, I hope someone takes it… I have way too many games, I need to focus myself on music, haha.

Bump-a-roo… Come on guys, this is a great deal. :smiley:

Cleared up some details, I wish I had a camera… D:

Slight price drop. I’m pretty sure I’m giving everyone a fair price.

if you cant sell the bundle im interested in KOF XI.


If I see it won’t sell by the end of the week, I can sell the game separate to you, okay?

Price lowered. ;-;

ok, ill be waiting. :tup:

Is this still available? I’m semi-interested.

You bet it’s still available! :smiley:

Bump! Still interested, floppydivac?

I’m interested if the slim ps2 is the model without the power brick (SCPH 9000X).


It’s a model SCPH-75001.

Still fancy your interest?

I could drop the price a little more, also.

No, thanks. Thanks for the update though.

No problem, buddy.

Stuff is still available… no one wants a PS2? ;-;

You’re so gay. I’d be all up in that PS2 if there was an HDMI adapter of some sort for it.

I’d take KOF MI…(for collection purposes only (don’t laugh)!)…if it’s complete. If you want to sell it seperate from the bundle, shoot me a pm!

Vin, stfu. xD

Proverb, I’ll shoot you a PM tonight. And, awesome you play LB2, goddamn, that game is lost but still awesome.