PS2 Sprite Rip Help

Been looking for Spectral vs Generation sprites, can’t find em, might as well as rip them from the ps2 game, can anyone suggest a good method of doing so. I think I found the images, they are saved as .cg’s. Unfortunately I don’t have spare time to mess with it much, so hoping someone here knows how :).

ps2 emu
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Ok I also was able to use VIVO, I can capture content from my TV now, the question now is, how can I make it high quality, and a screen shot. Virtual Dub captures, but quality is soso for screen shot, and I don’t want to record a movie, though its tempting ;).

This is as far as I got

Anyone with Virtual Dub or video capturing experience can help :)?

Its to fuzzy, not pixel perfect. I am using a video amplifer so the signal is good, and looks much better on my tv, than coming into my computer monitor. My video card has the t200 vivo chip.